Thursday, June 1, 2017

what's new with me: april and may

I meant to recap April in a post and never did, so this post is going to be a double whammy. It definitely qualifies as a post that's more for me than for you, but if you ever wanted insight into the minutiae worth remembering in my life, here it is.

In April...

- Andrew and I had our annual BBQ and Bluebonnets trip to the Hill Country where the only requirements are smoked meat and pretty flowers. We found a great spot and had good food, so I was thrilled.

- One of my favorite friends got engaged! I thought we were at dinner for another friend's birthday, but really, that friend and another had worked with her (now) fiancé to get her out of the house. I was riding home with the birthday girl when we got a text from the newly engaged with the news. She (and I!) had no idea. This is exciting because I think she is my last close friend to get married and she is letting me plan things for her, which I love.

- We staycationed at the Sam Houston Hotel in downtown Houston. We maaaaay have said it was our anniversary and were treated with strawberries and champagne (it was six weeks post our dating anniversary so that kind of counts, right?) and we used points, so the stay was free. We had dinner with friends at Ritual (so meaty, with a butcher shop in the back of the restaurant - the squeamish like me need to be mindful when choosing a seat as to not have to watch), bar-hopped a little downtown, and tried a new speakeasy called Tongue-Cut Sparrow hidden in the back of a noisy tequila bar. Then we had brunch at Kitchen 713, an old favorite in a new location.

- I went to NYC for a Benefit Dinner for work. I still feel really new in my role, so seeing how an organization like mine brings all event elements together was really interesting. I also got to see a lot of my colleagues in person who live in NYC or who also flew in for the event. I fell in love with the Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts from Gregory's Coffee (what is in that? still dreaming about it.) and got to eat Rick Bayless food at the airport in Chicago on my way home. The prickly pear aqua fresca would make a fabulous cocktail, in case you were wondering.

- Andrew and his BBQ partner sold sauces and spice rubs at a church craft fair. I spent an inordinate amount of time creeping on the petting zoo. The piglets were so cute, I vowed to stop eating pork. That lasted less than two weeks, though so far I have only had bacon and sausage; I'm not sure when I'll eat pork chops again.

- I went to New Orleans for a work meeting. There is an awesome place there called W.I.N.O. where you get a card and put it in a machine and can self-serve wine from dispensers in either a taste, half pour, or full pour. By the time I met my coworkers there, they were nearly ready to leave so I didn't get to do as much tasting as I would have liked, but I found out there's a place here in Houston with a similar set-up that I need to go check out. I didn't have much time for good food since the meeting took up most of my time, but the hotel restaurant was a John Besh restaurant, and I have been wanting to eat his food for a long time, so at least I got to do that (Luke at the Hilton on St. Charles. I had a fried chicken biscuit and some amazing savory grits).

- U2 was scratched off my concert bucket list! A long time ago, Andrew and I talked about artists that we would have to see in concert if they came through Houston. U2 was on it, so when The Joshua Tree tour was announced, he used his ticket ninja skills to get us tickets (he has the best luck with Ticketmaster; it's truly a gift). We got there when doors opened to get a good spot since we opted for general admission floor seats and it was worth it to see such a great show up close. The stage was phenomenal, but I don't know that I need to see the band again. I'm so glad I got to once, though. And, The Lumineers opened and were fantastic - this was my second time to see them live and I liked it more than the first.

- I almost got another cat. I have wanted another cat for so long, but since Bauer has medical problems and can be expensive and is also kind of a jerk, Andrew doesn't fully support this. But, I was out walking Duncan one day and he pulled harder than usual toward a tree. The tiniest grey kitten was under it, all alone and crying. At the same time, a woman and her son came walking toward us and I asked if they happened to be looking for a kitten. They weren't, but the little boy was about eight and started giving his mom a hard sell on the cat even though she said they couldn't take it. I couldn't leave the poor thing there, so I called Andrew to bring the carrier and started dreaming up names. I picked up the cat and fell in love at first sight (even though it hissed and tried to scratch me) but then passed it to the mom and her son. He was so persistent that they agreed to keep it. I was a little sad, but happy the kitty had a home since I'm traveling a lot in the next few weeks and it isn't an ideal time to get a new family member.

I'm sure there's more, but those are the highlights! I especially wanted to talk about the food since I feel like my online persona hasn't been much about eating or drinking lately, despite my username. What's new with you?

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  1. staycations are the best; staying in a hotel for free is even better!

  2. I love WINO! I always stop by when I'm in NOLA. Crisp is one of my fave wine bars here in Houston. If you go on Monday, fill a card with $20, they put an additional $5 on it. Wednesday and Thursday 4-7 all the enomatic wines are half off!

    1. Crisp is the place I was talking about! I've been once, a few years ago, and I sat outside, so either they didn't have that set-up yet or I missed it completely. I definitely want to go check out their offerings with some friends!

    2. It is super easy to miss! It's on the left hand side on the wall when you walk's so easy to pass by! Hope you enjoy it!

  3. I seriously just need to come visit you. I feel like Tampa's food scene is growing, but then I don't feel like I have as much time to enjoy. And WINO sounds awesome!

  4. Huge fan of staycations and LOVE when friends get engaged, it's the best!

  5. Sounds like an awesome staycation! WINO sounds really really cool!! Now I need to find out if there's something like that up here. Congrats to your friend!

  6. Those are some seriously awesome highlights! Scott has U2 on his concert bucket list but we can't make it to their show in Philly so we're crossing off GNR instead.

    I SO WISH I was going to Houston in October instead of Dallas.

  7. I love that you said it was your anniversary! Made the staycation even more special. WINO sounds awesome!

  8. Have you been to New Orleans otherwise?

    I've seen U2 I think three or four times. The last time was right after September 11. I don't need to see them again but MFD hasn't seen them so if I can't get someone to go with him I might have to.

  9. I saw U2 in concert 6 years ago when I was super (8 months!) pregnant and LOVED IT. It was an amazing show. I hope to see them again in my lifetime but they don't tour my part of Canada ;)

  10. I'd have had a hard time leaving that kitten behind! We don't have pets because we rent (and just moved around the world, ha) but we just cat-sat for a friend and even though it was annoying to be walked all over in the middle of the night, having a fluffy friend was so nice! I really miss it now. One day...

  11. You've been having so much fun lately! I'm jealous of all your travel, even if it was for work. I love when people see their bucket list bands! I FINALLY get to see Tom Petty this summer!

  12. KC and I go on a trip each summer and it's never our exact anniversary but I always call it our anniversary trip and I have said it's our anniversary to people. why not! free stuff! haha. i don't think i could eat at that restaurant. i'm super squeamish about things like that.
    ooohhhhh poor kitty. i would have snatched it away from a child and ran like a crazy cat lady (because i am). though 3 is definitely my max haha and okay i wouldn't have taken it from a child. you should definitely get another cat though. my cats don't have any issues so aren't expensive or anything, but still. come over to the dark side where we have lots of cats.


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