Tuesday, July 25, 2017

add it to my list: july 2017

Huge thanks to everyone who links up with Bre and me every month! I take recs super seriously (to whoever recommended the Dr. Bronner's lip balm last month, I can't find it and I'm very sad!) so it's fun for me to literally add things to my list and actively think of things you can add to yours.

As always, the rules are easy. Write about things you are recommending to people in real life so that we can add them to our lists of things to try or buy. Link back to me and Bre, show the button if you want, leave us a comment, and then click around to add things to your own list. Done.

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Add it to your Watch List

I'm Sorry - this show is on TruTV, the channel that plays COPS reruns and shows about dumb criminals, BUT it's a scripted comedy about a mom who's a TV writer and her husband and kid. I have only watched two episodes so far but it made me laugh out loud and was out-there funny and dark and also has a precocious but not annoying kid. Check it out.

(Also, can I take Glow off my list from last month? I recommended it too soon. It was just... fine. You no longer need to add it.)

Add it to your Shopping List

Skimmies - I learned about these last summer and they make me want to wear dresses. They're considered "slip shorts" so they keep your dress from clinging to you, smooth you out without being tight, and they're moisture-wicking which is great in summer, especially for someone who thought that no one had a thigh gap until Instagram taught me otherwise. Costco has a good deal on them now (2 for $15!) but you can also get them at Walmart or Target for around $15 a pair.

Bergamot Orange Margaritas - I'm not a standard bar-drink person and I was tired of wine but I wanted something at the liquor store the other day. I saw this pre-packaged Bergamot orange margarita and I was skeptical since normally pre-mixed drinks are a sugary mess, but for $12, it was worth a gamble. It's delicious - tart but not orangey and you can taste the tequila without it being bitter. I've been thinking about it since I finished the bottle the other night. The brand is Austin cocktails, so it's probably easier to find in Texas, but it is available nationwide!

Mrs. Meyers Basil Soap - I'm cheap. I buy store brand soap and it's fine. But after staying at an Air BnB in Austin where they used this soap throughout and wanting to smell my hands constantly, I bit the bullet and bought $6 soap. I mean if you can't buy all-natural cleaning products in your 30s then when can you?

Add it to your Habit List

The 15 Second Rule - Something I read somewhere, probably on the internet, talked about a rule where if something takes x amount of time, you shouldn't put it off; you should just do it. I decided that 15 seconds was a reasonable amount of time and tried to put it into effect a few weeks ago and so far, so good. My kitchen is cleaner and my clutter disappears a little bit faster.

That's it for me. Next month will likely include bullet journaling and its associated supplies, but I'll see if I stick with it before recommending it. Just know that any recs I get from you all will be added to my indexed journal. Oh, and if you don't do so already, you should follow me on instagram. Not only do I post my layouts in my stories, but there are food and cats, too. OH and what do people like to read about in blogs lately? If there's something you like in general (or for some reason care what I think?), let me know. I need a little push to get me writing more regularly.



  1. Good soap is such a treat, I will definitely indulge from time to time. It makes me so happy!

    I think I read the 15 second rule somewhere, too. A variant on it if you're avoiding cleaning etc is to set your timer for 20 minutes (or whatever you can spare) and see how much you can do in that time. Guaranteed it'll be more than you think and even I can talk myself into just 20 minutes of something I've been putting off. Like paperwork. I hate paperwork.

  2. Oooh I like the 15 second rule! I need to incorporate that more into my life!

  3. Reign made my recommendations this month, but...similarly it fell off after the first two seasons. Wah wah. We are trying to do the 10-15 minute rule in our house.

  4. I will not cheap out on hand soap anymore. I buy nice ones for my house and for guests in the shore house.

    I wear regular little shorts under my dresses! I like those though.

  5. We have nice soap too, cheap soap isn't worth it. I haven't tried that one before, though I know my mom uses that brand (I want to say hers is lemon though.) Ours has coconut in it so your hands get super soft but not greasy. It's ridiculous how particular I am, now that I'm thinking about it...

  6. um sign me up for those skimmies!! what a great idea. i always wear stockings with dresses for the smoothing out/no clinging, but they are seriously annoying. i will definitely be grabbing them from costco. my problem with shorts like that is they roll up because of my big ol thighs lol. so fingers crossed because i'm so over wearing stockings.
    the 15 second rule is brilliant, especially for things like cleaning the kitchen.

  7. I use that Basil dish soap and it is my most favorite thing ever! I have converted my MIL and a few others to it as well. I will have to try the skimmies, I live in dresses all summer with this awful heat!

  8. I buy soap by the season at BBW...it's something I'm oddly particular about. But when they have sales, you can get them for maybe $3.50 each.

  9. Those skimmies sound amazing! I'll have to check them out, especially living in Texas in the summer, you need something that's moisture wicking!

  10. I really liked GLOW but I would not recommend it for anyone lol. I'll have to find I'm Sorry on demand and just watch it that way. there's no way I'm going to sit through TruTV commercials lol.

  11. I love fancy soaps when I receive them as gifts, those sound heavenly! Good luck with your bullet journaling! I tried but found it too time consuming. I did create some really beautiful pages though and I still love my Leuchtturm journals and use them every day!

  12. It was my Dr. Bronner's rec! I found peppermint at Target on an end cap filled with other natural beauty products and bought the 4-pack on Amazon a few days later. Ha! I need to get some Skimmies! I had major static cling with a maxi dress the other day. I have the lemon Mrs. Meyers, but need to smell basil asap!

  13. I've always heard it as the 2 minute rule, but either way, it's smart!

    Looking forward to hearing about your bullet journal so I hope you stick with it :)


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