Tuesday, August 29, 2017

add it to my list: august 2017

Hi again.

I have to admit, I feel like more newscasters in my life have been wrong than have been right. I thought I was wasting my time grocery shopping on Thursday and I didn't really think I would miss work Monday. I thought some roads might be impassable. I didn't imagine boat rescues and tents on rooftops and a convention center filled with people and other shelters at capacity all over the city.

And then Harvey came and while I'm still optimistic, my heart hurts and I have spent the past few days worrying about my family and friends and glued to the news. I don't have the desire to tell you what make-up or TV show I have loved lately but as the water recedes, I will need to know about all of those things from you. So please tell Bre and me what to add to our lists. As native Houstonians who love this city, I hope you understand when today, all we want to share with you are things that are Harvey-related that you may want to add to your list.

This poem that is wonderful and amazing and everything I love about Houston (favorite line: you can fill up our bayou/ but you can never rain/ on our parade). Please read it.

Facebook can be used for good. During this storm, I have been able to track flooded areas, find out who is safe, and give others peace of mind. That said, when this is over, I'll go back to my silence.

Look out for those around you. Whether it's providing an emotional push, your time, your money, or help cleaning up in the aftermath, people are scared right now. Being there is invaluable.

If you have the desire and the means to donate to Harvey Relief, here are some places Bre compiled and I would recommend:

My personal favorite and where my charitable dollars go - The Houston Food Bank (Every dollar is THREE meals, y'all)
http://www.houstonfoodbank.org/ >> The Book Group is matching donations to the food bank up to $2K so if you decide to donate to them, do so now and email your receipt to info@thebookgroup.com. I did it last night!

Mayor Sylvester Turner's Harvey Relief Fund - where the mayor is directing corporations to send major gifts, but anything helps:

JJ Watt's Fund (though there is no indication of who is running this and where proceeds will go)

Thanks for listening and for asking how I am and for sending good thoughts to my city. We're gonna be okay. Now please, go see what one another loves and give Bre and I some time to get back to you. We're both really excited to add some fun things to our lists!


  1. I know I already said it on your other post but I can't even imagine being there. Having so many friends & former students there my Facebook feed is filled with Harvey & when I see it all I just want to cry. My heart breaks for everyone & my first grown up home. Seeing everyone come together like they have also brings me so much joy.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing those, will definitely be donating! So glad you are okay, that is a unique heartbreak.

  3. that is so cool about The Book Group! i can definitely see how facebook is a good thing in situations like this. thank you for sharing the links to donate. i said this on bre's post as well, but really, something like this is horrible and unimaginable, you can only hope the rest of the country would help if it happens to you, and how can you hope that if you won't help when it happens to others? so thank you. thinking of you and hope you stay safe!

  4. Thank you for the donation links. I will be donating and emailing my receipt to the Book Group.

  5. Love that poem.

    So much love to all affected. It's heartbreaking. I donated to JJ Watt's fund and have shipped batteries, flashlights, chargers, socks, dog food, and baby wipes off to the Rockport Chamber that will make it through when supplies are getting through. I wish I had unlimited time off and was independently wealthy. I'd go help with cleanup efforts in a second.

  6. I heard that Kevin Hart is donating $25K to those affected by the hurricane and has asked for other celebrities (he even named them) to donate as well. What's happening is so heartbreaking and tragic!

  7. Thinking of you!!! I've donated and have things at the ready to ship if needed. I'm planning to donate to UMCOR and the food bank later on, when people stop donating.

  8. I live(d) in areas that were affected badly by Irene and Sandy, and watched with utter horror as family friends and markers of my childhood joy were swept out to see. But this is something wholly different. I can imagine only a small portion of what your city is going through right now, you guys have my whole heart. Thank you for supplying those links; I've donated and will continue to do what I can. Please don't hesitate to reach out directly if there's more that can be done or that you and your family need.

  9. I swear, I thought that I was addicted to Facebook in college, but my phone has been permanently in my hands the past few days getting updates from friends and the people in the neighborhood. I was in the same boat as you thinking that it wouldn't be that bad and I in no way expected the catastrophic flooding in the city, but especially the areas surrounding me. The good thing is that our city is coming together, and we'll get through this together!

  10. I live in Philadelphia so I'm so far away from Harvey and don't know anyone directly affected, but I have been glued to the news. It is devastating. Thank you for sharing the links on how to help, and that poem brought me to tears.


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