Thursday, August 10, 2017

currently {august 2017}

I'm working on good habits and trying to prioritize things I enjoy. And blogging is one of those things, even in the form of a Currently post...

Watching: I love baseball season because there is something on nearly every night (we only watch the Astros) and less of a need to find something to watch. But, when not watching baseball, Andrew and I are watching Ozarks and I'm Sorry. I'm loving Younger and The Bold Type this summer. I didn't expect to like The Bold Type but it's a good lightweight summer show. Watch it for the clothes alone.

Trying: To create good habits. I'm attempting to go to the gym (again - this happens every August), plan healthy-ish meals at home, do a better job of picking up around the house each evening, and to follow through on things I want to do. Instead of thinking "Oh, I should look into that..." I'm getting out my phone and doing the research right away.

Reading: Catching up on Show Us Your Books posts and adding things to my TBR and library hold list. Looking for new bloggers to enjoy and trying to make blog time part of my daily routine.

Enjoying: The rain in Houston has made the hottest part of summer not-so-hot. The push for more honesty on the internet. The last of my beloved Coke Zero. The How I Built This podcast. It's my one must-listen of the week since it's  nearly always a company I've heard of, the host is great, and there is next to no fluff.

Noticing: That I'm happier when I'm social. People can be the worst, but good people can make your day. I try to work from a coffee shop once a week and make sure to text/tweet/email a friend daily. Working from home can be really isolating, and I didn't realize how only IMing work people and scrolling my feed and talking to my husband could make me lonely. The effort to reach out or just be around other people is so necessary for me that it's worth putting on real pants when no one is making me.

Buying: Well, I bought brush pens and lots of washi tape so I'm really trying not to buy any more paper crafting stuff. We've lived in our house for three years in September and I haven't really changed much since we moved in, so I'm itching to get more things for the walls of our bedroom, find a small chest to put under the TV in there, and give the upstairs bathroom a mini-makeover. Nothing yet, but I'll update if I do anything worth sharing.

Thinking About: How to entertain my nieces this week. I'm taking vacation days today and tomorrow since they'll be in Houston. They are 9 and 17 now - quite the age gap to try to do something with both of them. The older one is going into her senior year of high school (how??) so I don't know how often I'll see her going forward... I mean once she's an adult, she won't have to spend time down here anymore. I have tentative plans for getting our nails done, shopping, a fun restaurant, great dessert, and maybe bowling and laser tag. Definitely open to new ideas, though.

Cheers to my long weekend with lots of family time. Fingers crossed that I can at least beat the 9 year old bowling, but I wouldn't count on it...


  1. Have a fabulous weekend with your nieces! Your plans sound good - I am not good at planning things for kids.

    I have one episode of Ozark left. It's so bizarre and I can't believe how much I like it. I am out of TV watching practice but I broke my brain reading over 30 books since June 13 and I'm coasting on Ozark and magazines right now.

    I'm trying to get in the better face care habit and back to doing the little arm weight exercise habit along with stretching. It's like I dropped all of my good habits on the doorstep of Memorial Day Weekend and haven't tended to them since.

  2. looking fwd to seeing all the creative stuff you'll do. i love seeing how people dress up their homes :)

  3. I loved Ozark and Chris and I actually just started Younger last night! I had The Bold Type on my list to try next. Glad to hear it is good. Have you seen Goliath on Prime? That was a good one too. What are you doing with all the washi tape? I am always curious how people use it for things other than planners. I was living under a rock or something because I didn't know Coke Zero was going away? How sad!

  4. I do also love the push for more honesty on the internet. It's so refreshing.
    Are you going to do a bujo post? Would love to see it.
    Sounds like you have some fun activities planned for your nieces!
    I agree that working from home can be very isolating. Making a little effort to connect with people IRL goes a long way!

  5. My husband has been watching Ozark and he really likes it. I did not pay enough attention in the first few episodes so I am lost. May have to re-watch. I love Younger! Such a fun show and I also have been on the fence about The Bold Type. May have to check it out!

  6. I didn't expect to like The Bold Type so much either but I'm really enjoying it! I like what it's tackling for the audience it's targeting.

    +100 for honesty on the internet! I don't know specifically what you're referring to but it doesn't matter.

    Dude, if you ever need a work-from-home virtual buddy, someone to Gchat with or whatever, let me know. Same boat. I love working from home, truly, but I hate living in my office sometimes.

    Sounds like a great couple days you have planned with the nieces! Have fun :)

  7. I am MAD about the Coke Zero change. They finally got it right and ... seriously, Coke? Seriously?

  8. wait what is happening with coke zero?! my boss is going to be so mad lol it's all he drinks.
    checking out the bold type! i also want to catch up with younger.
    i can totally see how working from home can be isolating. glad you're able to do things to make that a little better! hope you found something to do with your nieces :)

  9. I do agree about being social, even the part about humans being kind of awful. If I'm ever isolated for a while (sick, in a funk, working from home, bad weather, etc.) I start to feel really down. Being around [good, happy, fun, funny, upbeat, positive] people is key.


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