Thursday, August 24, 2017


Is Thursday still the day no one blogs? I prefer to make my schedule Tuesday and Thursday, but if no one writes, does no one also read? I think Steph started this forever ago (maybe influenced by Stephanie?) and I saved it as a draft. Thanks for an easy post as I make my list for hurricane-preparedness (more below). Fellow Houstonians, stay safe!

Three things I'd never give up
- Dessert
- My cat
- Caffeine

Three favorite ways to eat vegetables

- Roasted zucchini
- The cauliflower at Coltivare (come to Houston, I'll take you)
- In a sheet pan dinner. They are just so easy.

Three shows I watched faithfully from beginning to end while they aired
- Gilmore Girls
- Friends
- Ugly Betty

Three places I want to visit inside the US

- Seattle
- San Diego
- Portland

Three places I want to visit outside the US

- Italy
- Greece
- Ireland

Three things I always have with me

- Lip balm
- My wedding ring (um, it doesn't come off)
- A hair tie or bobby pin

Three things that are always in my car

- Trash (just paper, but I'm a mess)
- At least three "dots" worth of gas on my gas gauge (I am weirdly afraid of running out)
- Something to return to a store or something that needs to go back into the house

Three most recent phone calls were to/from

- A coworker
- My dad
- Andrew

Three books I read and loved in college

- Nickel and Dimed
- Black Like Me (this is where my love of sociology started, clearly)
- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (what? I took AP classes so no college English and this came out right before my last semester so it totally counts)

Three most often used makeup products

- Mascara
- Eye liner
- NYX Matte Not Flat powder

Three things that make me laugh

- Cat gifs
- My husband's terrible puns
- The Office, but only during the Michael Scott years

Three things on my actual hurricane preparedness list
- Water
- Queso
- Pirate's Booty (priorities...)

Three things that happened this week
- I had food poisoning for the first time ever, three hours from home. It was not a fun ride home but I'm grateful it didn't strike Andrew, too.
- There was a drug dealer living at the end of my street and I saw the SEVEN police cars sneakily come down our cul-de-sac to bust him (!!!).
- I spent four and a half hours at a coffee shop with friends having brunch and working on our bullet journals like a bunch of crafting squatters (but it was so fun).

Three things I want you to know
- Bullet journaling is a whole thing and I didn't want to fill my regular account with it so I started a second instagram account for all things bullet journal related - @brunchandbujo if you're into that.
- A tropical storm is headed to Houston and if it affects me seeing Coldplay tomorrow or seeing my cousin in town from Phoenix on Saturday (or you know, floods people's homes and causes damage), I'm going to be really mad.
- Tuesday is the Add It To My List linkup with me and Bre! Link up with us and share your current favorite things. The other day I said I liked something and Andrew said "Better add it to your list..." so I did. And I plan to share it with you, provided I don't float away this weekend.


  1. I feel like a whole lot of people don't really blog on Tuesdays/Thursdays anymore, it's so weird because it never used to be that way. And I love these posts so much because everybody's answers are always so different. I love your hurricane preparedness list because I don't think any Texan could live without queso, and I really hope that this doesn't end up being as bad as everybody thinks that it's going to be. I'm supposed to get my hair done on Saturday (not as big as your activities for this weekend), but I really don't want to reschedule!

  2. LOL, my wedding ring is something I am very likely NOT to have with me.

    Seattle is high on my list too. I wish it wasn't on the other coast.

  3. I blog and read on a "whenever" basis, so I really don't have a sense of what are good blog days anymore. Meh. Anyway, these posts are always fun. I also never leave the house without lip balm. I even keep a stick in my running belt so I can't forget it. Stay safe as the storm comes in!

  4. I am so not in to planners and bullet journaling, but I want to be more organized so i am going to follow you to get inspiration! Friends was seriously the best show ever made. I cant tell you how many times I have seen every episode. So sorry to hear you had food poisoning. That is the worst! Queso should be on the list for any emergency or non emergency situation if you ask me. I hope you guys stay safe!!!

  5. So sorry to hear that you had food poisoning! That is the worst. :-(
    I have run out of gas twice and since then (both 10+ years ago) have been ultra vigilant about not letting the tank get too low either.
    Hope the tropical storm doesn't wreack to much havoc... Enjoy Coldplay!

  6. I'm mostly on a Tues/Thurs schedule too. Seattle, Portland, and Italy are high on my travel list. And I had to read Nickel and Dimed for a sociology class in college. Forget the milk and bread- grab the queso! Haha love it. I hope you're feeling better, and stay safe this weekend!

  7. Mine's just the 3 on Thursday, everything else is all Steph! I completely forgot about Ugly Betty. I think I only watched the first couple of episodes though. How long was it on?

  8. I read this post yesterday morning, and the hurricane news just keeps looking worse. Here's hoping you guys are high ground! And stocked on wine. Just saying. That's definitely on MY hurricane prep list :)

  9. I post pretty much only on Tues/Thurs :) Wish there were more Thur link-ups.

  10. I always have lip balm with me too! My lips are dryer the older I get...along with everything else. Sigh. I live in one of the places in the US you want to visit, but have not been to the other two. I've been to two of the countries you want to visit, but Ireland is on my list too. It looks so Green and pretty.

  11. Lip balm and a hair tie are musts for me, too :)


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