Tuesday, October 31, 2017

add it to my list: october 2017

When you barely blog for three-ish months, all of your images disappear (again) and so please excuse my mess... I'll fix it one day.

I have been keeping a list of things to share and haven't posted a "regular" Add It To My List post since... July?? So it's time. This post is late going up because once you stop blogging regularly, it is hard to get back. That's a post for another day, though.

If you choose to link-up, it would be great if you left Bre and me a comment and clicked around to meet others but being that I am a terrible host, these rules are flexible.

Anyway... on to the recs!

Add It To Your Watch List:

The World Series: The Houston Astros will WIN the World Series if they win the game tonight. The whole city is excited, even more post-Harvey, and the team is young and fun to watch - there is tons of energy and enthusiasm and lots of choreographed handshaking. If you're marginally interested in baseball, you should watch (and support Houston, not that other team).

The Bold Type: Need a fun, escapist show with some social awareness, ridiculous outfits, and female friendship? Watch this show. It's a little like Younger, a little bit Sex and the City, and super topical. I didn't expect to like it as much as I did. In short, three friends work together at a magazine in NYC and navigate relationships, work stress, and supporting one another. It's worth checking out.

Mr. Mercedes: This show got no buzz but it was so great! It was based on a Stephen King book in which a retired cop is still (mentally) haunted by the case he never solved and then starts being threatened by the killer in real life. It isn't science-fiction and it is very messed up but it was a show I looked forward to watching weekly. I think you can only watch it if you have DirecTV or AT&T, though.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: This show was an Amazon pilot that I checked out last year and the full season is out at the end of November. It was created by Amy Sherman Palladino who created Gilmore Girls, but is really nothing like it; it takes place in the 50s and is about a woman who gets a divorce and decides to be a stand-up comedian. It sounds weird, but it left me with a warm and fuzzy feeling and I am really excited for the whole season.

Add It To Your Wish List:

.38mm pens: This is Bre's fault. She gave me one and then I won some at the Bujo and Brunch she put together and now they are all I want. Something about a super pointy pen makes my handwriting look.... crisper? I don't know but anything .7 feels like a marker now.

Add It To Your... Things to Do List

Recipes from Iowa Girl Eats: I think I have said before that it is often hard to cook for my husband. He went to culinary school. He's pretty picky. Also, I have no kitchen skills. These recipes are made with real ingredients, so they do take some prep time cutting, but none of them are hard and most of the ones I have tried have been added to our regular rotation. We especially love the Mediterranean chicken chickpea bowls and the gnocchi and chicken sausage vegetable skillet.

I would add more, but it is my birthday and I do what I want. Oh, and I guess it's Halloween for the rest of you - enjoy!