Tuesday, November 28, 2017

add it to my list: christmas edition

I felt like the Christmas creep was stronger than ever this year with people posting their Christmas trees on twitter on like, November 1st (WHAT?) so it felt like it took forever for Thanksgiving to end and for it to finally be time for decking the halls. In August, my Christmas-loving husband started saying we should get a new tree. As the main decorator in our house (and also, the cheap one), I had no idea why we would need a new tree, but Home Depot sales and Andrew's enthusiasm got the best of me and, well, we can barely reach the top of our new tree, but it looks great. It's really full and seemed like the best I could find for the price. I'll send you the rec if you're in the market.

Anyway, all of that to say that I am totally in the Christmas spirit this year. Add to it that my old job was super stressful in December and my current one isn't and I feel like I can really enjoy the holidays. So, why not have a Christmas-themed edition of Add It To My List?

If somehow you are reading my blog for the first time, let me know and I will share the linkup origin story. For those who have linked up before, this may be the last one ever due to my laziness in blog life (though, to be fair, Bre and I still email one another things to do/try/watch so....). We will see what 2018 brings!

Christmas Traditions:

- Hot cocoa. Williams Sonoma's is the best in my opinion and though it is expensive, it's like, four trips to Starbucks and makes probably eight cups. We drink a ton in December, with whole milk and marshmallows because Christmas only comes once a year.

- Finding the good lights. Every year at Christmas, I search area Facebook posts to find people who go all out with their lights and Andrew and I visit all of them and park outside for an extended period. It never gets old.

- Pier 1 Li Bien Ornaments. When we were young and broke, it felt like a huge splurge to spend $10 on a Christmas tree ornament when the ones from the dollar store hung on the tree just fine. I don't remember how this started -  I think I just thought one of these ornaments was so pretty that I had to have one - but every year since, we go to Pier 1 at the start of the Christmas season to pick out an ornament for the year. It's one of my favorite things. This year, we got the cozy kitty.

- DVRing Rudolph off of TV and watching it while we do something Christmas-y. I know we could buy the DVD and it's probably streaming somewhere, but for whatever reason, Rudolph has to have commercials. We record it every year (it's on tonight) and I insist on poorly singing all the songs because who doesn't want to hear me use my falsetto when singing Clarice's solo?

- Watching Love Actually while I wrap presents. I think I started this because I have it on my iPad and Andrew hates it but now it has to happen.

- And I think we started a new Black Friday tradition, at least when we are in town by ourselves (since some years we travel, and others his family is here). For the second time in three years, we have picked a restaurant that is normally on the expensive side and had lunch there between running errands. A good meal for cheaper at a time when no one else cares about lunch? It's perfect.

And since it isn't a list without some things to buy... here are things to add to your Christmas list, to give or get.

Dr. Bronner's Lip Balm - Someone posted about this in the linkup forever ago and I couldn't find it so I had to get it from Amazon. The orange ginger is a fun change and the unflavored one is truly unflavored. I love them all.

Double Decker Keds - I love Toms and I think they are really comfortable. I really wanted the Rifle Paper Co. triple decker floral Keds, but they looked really platform-y online. I tried some double deckers on at DSW and they were SO comfortable that I needed them. They have a ton of support and are insanely comfortable plus they are really affordable. The only drawback is the ones I got snag really easily but I can live with it.

No-Show Socks - I wore the aforementioned Keds to South Dakota and froze. I ended up at Target and a coworker (who lives in the midwest) said that socks would make a difference. I was doubtful but thought it couldn't hurt. My feet became infinitely warmer and these have little plastic things on the heel that keep them in place. I never would have bought them without being that cold and now I'm glad I did.

I'm excited to see what's on your list!


  1. I really like that Black Friday tradition!

  2. Ugh Williams Sonoma hot cocoa is a terrible habit I need to kick. It's so much money buy my god, it's good.

  3. Pier 1 does have some seriously cute ornaments! I don't think I have ever had Williams Sonoma hot cocoa but I love love love it in the winter so I will have to try theirs out too.

  4. I love your Black Friday tradition of going to a nice place for lunch! It’s a great way to have a nice meal and rest during all the chaos! We haven’t started watching Christmas movies yet but Love Actually is always on our list!

  5. I need to join in tomorrow.

    I love Pier One.

    I've been looking for a recommendation on hot cocoa, thank you!

  6. I have tons of those no show socks, they're great especially for my work flats.

  7. My computer is being a shit so sorry if this gets published twice.

    I love the idea of eating lunch at an expensive restaurant. I'd prefer that to shopping, in fact.

    We always have a Christmas movie playing while the tree goes up. Elf or The Muppets, usually.

  8. Now I have to go to Pier 1 to see these ornaments. Tyrone and Addy just came in the house with a fake tree so this is our life now.

  9. I also love hot chocolate in the winter but I usually buy the cheap stuff :) I made my own one year and stockpiled it because I must've been feeling ambitious.

    I saw someone in those Keds...they were shiny and fun looking...and thought "hmm maybe". Maybe for spring.

  10. I only seem to drink hot cocoa this time of year, and really if it's expensive but worth it, I'd do it...so now I need a trip to Williams Sonoma to see if I want it, lol.


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