Tuesday, January 9, 2018

books lately: january 2018

I haven't linked up with Steph and Jana since September, so there are some books that didn't make it to my best of 2017 list that I still want to talk about. I'll spare you from all of them - these are just the ones that elicited a reaction in me.

All the Lovely and Wonderful Things - Okay you guys, I need to discuss this one with someone. I get that it's beautifully written and I guess that we're supposed to feel that these characters belonged together, but it was a bit pedophile-adjacent for me. If this was real life and someone I knew, I couldn't support it at all, so reading a book that made a relationship with this big of an age difference while one character was still far too young to decide that just felt... icky. I gave it three stars on Goodreads because it sucked me in, but I don't know that I can really recommend it.

Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Other Four Letter Words - My love of TV started long ago; I remember reading Michael Ausiello's column in TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly years ago. I follow him on twitter now and he talked about writing a memoir about his partner's cancer diagnosis and ultimate death. Even though I knew what was going to happen, I cried, empathized, laughed, and enjoyed the way the story was told - neither character was perfect during this time in their lives. Even though it was heavy subject matter, I completely enjoyed this one. I always love a story where even the deceased is painted with the same messy strokes as the living.

Young Jane Young - Eh. It was one of those books that just... ended. I wanted more resolution. I liked it, but it was no AJ Firky. Since it's the same author, I was hoping for similar magic. It was fine, and I liked the perspective it gave, but I wouldn't run out to read it.

Just some things you should know about books lately. I just got Sourdough from the library and have been making my way through You Will Know Me. Still waiting to fall in love with a good novel so I'll be looking to see what others are reading today!

Not relevant to anything, but I'm not linking up with Steph and Jana solely because it's sometimes hard to comment on book posts since tastes vary so widely and I feel bad for linking up and not being a good participant. And if you are reading here then you already blog-know them so I don't need to tell you that that's where you go to talk books on the internet...


  1. Glad to see someone with a similar opinion to me on All the Lovely and Wonderful Things. Everyone says its so beautiful etc and I just think NO - That is wrong. And excellent point that no one would ever condone/accept such a relationship in real life.
    Was a little disappointed too at Young Jane Young after A.J. Fikry was so good.

  2. The relationship in Ugly and Wonderful Things left me a little disgusted as well. I tolerated it more when she was older but when she was a child? It was hard to digest.

    I love that our reviews of Young Jane Young are so similar.

  3. We talked about it on Instagram already but while I loved All The Beautiful and Wonderful Things the age difference really weirded me out too! It felt really child molester in the beginning.

  4. Finally, people aren't raving about Young Jane Young this month. It's fine, sure. But I didn't think it was worthy of all the "amazing"s it's been getting.


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