Tuesday, January 16, 2018

create the things you wish existed

I mean, that subject alone should be enough to make you think today, so really I shouldn't stare at this blank cursor anymore and I can go back to watching The Office on Comedy Central. Right?

(This marathon is the best thing that has happened to me in so long. Catching a favorite episode of a favorite show never gets old. But I digress...)

I ran across this Instagram post that said the title of this blog post, and it stopped me. I couldn't stop thinking about it and I had to comment to a stranger on the internet just to thank her.

(That's something I want to do more this year. Engage with "strangers" because after all, if I don't, how will they ever become friends, or at least people who know me on the internet.)

But anyway, it stayed with me. I'm not a cerebral person, so I guess that makes me a creative, but what do I create? I like to bullet journal and I like to write in this blog, sometimes, which I guess is a creative outlet. I used to exercise my creative muscle by planning events but that has taken a different direction so the question became what can I create that I wish existed?

I can create a twitter feed that is observational, sometimes informative, interactive, about TV, and not full of automatic tweets.

I can create an instagram account with my imperfect yet still functional bullet journal to show that you don't have to be an artist or spend a lot of time to make this planning system work. I can create a regular one with food and cats and instagram stories about nothing in particular when I feel like I need to share something or get an opinion. I don't have to stage things unless I want to and I don't have to learn how to use the portrait mode on my iPhone (though really, I should). I can just be a normal person who sometimes takes photos of cool things. Or mundane things. But things that I like and want to share.

I can create a blog about life. I feel like that's hard - I mean, I often have to stop and ask myself what I'm doing that's interesting and worth my time to write coherent sentences about. But I can share myself on the internet, which in a world of knowing what your friends do as they do them isn't really all that special, but it's what I have to offer. I can talk about the things that I love - I really think my ideal job is sharing things that get me excited in some way or another - and I can work harder to talk about deeper things and things that matter. I often worry that I'll sound cliche, or put too much stock in certain people or experiences, but is it really a thing to like someone or something too much? Maybe I'll test that.

So, on that note, and in the name of blogs everywhere - what are some things you wish existed in blogland? What's worth your time to at least read in the middle of twitter scrolling, dumpster fire-following, and incessant instagram stories? What are the things you wish existed?

I feel like it's only fair that I answer, so here goes: talk about real relationships (friend, family, romantic - all interesting), non-sponsored recommendations of anything, weird insecurities, a day in the life or other seemingly boring life things, giving me a new perspective on things going on in the world - your experience with them, bringing them to my attention, or just ruminating on them, and anything you would talk about with your friends in real life. I say these things, but when I try to write them myself, I'm at a loss. But at least now I can try.


  1. if it's one thing i've always done on my blog is keep it real regardless if people agree with me or not. i really can't stand blogs that have turned into sponsored everything; is ANY of it truthful and not because the blogger is getting paid to post it? that's why i dont bother reading or taking any recommendations to heart when i see sponsored posts and why i created my Honest Reviews blog series...these are sponsored posts and some products i've tried straight up sucked which i said in my posts LOL

  2. For me I am automatcially drawn to blogs that show more of the real life of the person. I want to know that someone out there has pinterest fails, shitty weeks, their kids make them nuts sometimes. I don't always want everything recommended to be paid for first.

  3. Real life. 100%. And not ignoring what is going on in this country because...how can any of us ignore it?

    Also seriously how do I use the portrait mode? Must figure it out. LOL

  4. 1- I was LIVING for that Office marathon
    2- I love the concept of putting things out in the world that YOU'D want to see, which is something I try to adopt for my own blog.
    3- There are some similarities in our posts today since I talked about oversharing, but that's what works for me. I have a personal blog and therefore what I share is um, personal? It's what I'm doing, where I'm going, what I'm seeing, how I'm feeling. Is that for everyone? Of course not.
    4. I think the rule of thumb is to post whatever you want (within reason) and there will always be followers or people who want to hear what you have to say.
    5. I want to see more REAL out there -- more humor, more vulnerability, more personal stories and opinions. I want to see less curated, staged, fake, sponsored, & overly structured and perfect posts.


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