Thursday, January 11, 2018


It's 11 days into the new year which to me is still fair game to set resolutions. After all, if you follow me on Instagram stories, you know that my Christmas tree is still up. I'm not proud of it. I've been cooking a lot more than usual (three hours in the kitchen on Sunday, y'all!) so by the time I get done working, walking the dog, and making dinner, the Christmas mess is too much. It will be gone by Sunday evening, though. I'm tired of it.

Anyway, back to resolutions. 2017 was a year of adjustment. I want 2018 to be a year of marked growth and improvement. I'm not one for resolutions, but I do like an overarching idea to guide me, and this year's is to be intentional. I like words that are nice and broad, and open to interpretation.

So, more for me than for you, ways I want to be intentional in 2018:

- With my words. I say "like" far too often. It's something I developed in college, stopped doing in a professional setting, and have gotten back to again. I say it in place of "um" and also as a synonym for "said" and when combined, I sound like a bad 1985 Valley girl stereotype.

  • As a sub-point to this, I also want to be better at showing and telling people that they are important to me, whether it's spending time with them, leaving a genuine comment on social media (especially to people whose online presence I enjoy but don't have a relationship with), or spending time with them, which isn't really words, but related.
- With my time. Spending it with friends, as noted above, is high on the list. But, I spend a lot of time mindlessly scrolling. I need to set a 10-15 minute limit at a time and then move on to something else, whether it's writing a blog post, reading, straightening up the house, or getting up on weekends and going to do one of the things I always think I should do. I should also add working out to this list, but baby steps. 

- I want to be intentional with the things I have. I tend to hoard things rather than using them, as is intended. I have tons of beauty samples, so I'm trying to use one a week. I keep buying bullet journal supplies, so I need to make sure to use them (or be generous to my friends and de-stash when we have brunch and bujo). It feels good to try new things. I'm using eye cream for the first time ever and it's life changing. And when my bullet journal is pretty, I get excited to document and plan, so wins all around.

- I want to think things through more. Seeing the end while I'm still in an early stage has never been my strong suit, and I don't often think about how an outcome will have a ripple effect, whether that is positive or negative. I've noticed this more in work situations than in real life - I'm happy to go along with what feels right and move on - but it's something I'm definitely conscious of and can improve upon.

I'm sure there are more. I created a bullet journal spread about what being intentional meant to me and it has little things like listening to more records and having more dance parties. OH and trying not to do things because I feel like I have to. Do you really want me at your birthday dinner if I'm going to hate it? Do you want a half-assed blog comment because I felt obligated? If you're still reading this post, the answer is probably no. I'm interested to see how my list changes and I reapply things over the year.


  1. Intention is one of my key life words. In action, thought, energy, everything. I actually just got it engraved on a bracelet yesterday and have various art around our houses featuring it.

    She was like and I was like and he was like...that is me.

  2. Yes! I'm trying to spend less time mindlessly scrolling. It's such a habit these days whenever I am sitting still to just scroll through Facebook. Facebook doesn't ever change that fast! I'm hoping it leads to me reading more books or at least watching more tv shows and going to sleep at a decent hour. I feel like putting it in the bujo gives you space to revisit it properly. Speaking of, we need to see about a January brunch!

  3. What eye cream is changing your life? I'm unimpressed with my current one...

  4. I do the like thing too & it drives me crazy. I can feel it as I'm doing it & I still can't stop. I even had to pause for a moment before typing the second sentence because I almost typed "Like I can..."

  5. I am a "like" person as well. I'm not sure how to stop it - maybe I should just hang out with more "like" people so they don't notice!

    re: mindlessly scrolling - I have (mostly) stepped away from Twitter because I felt like once everyone got the 280 characters, I spent twice as much time there. It's supposed to be a month-long exercise, but I might see how long I can go.

  6. Omg I love this! A) planning B) intentions c) mini-nod to hoarding! So me. I'm not following your bujo account {with my planner account} because how gorgeous is that spread?? I wish I lived in Texas! Brunch and Bujo sounds delightful! I'm with you on the beauty samples. I hoard them and for what? I never use them. I'm trying to sue the ones I have and then I've been making a point to otherwise trash them... because I never use them :)


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