Thursday, January 25, 2018

showing up for ladies

One of the things I want to do this year is be intentional with my time and attention, and I worked on that this weekend.

Saturday was the second annual Women's March. In 2017, I went on a whim - I was passing through downtown anyway, on the way to my grandma's birthday lunch - and just attended the rally. The speakers were focused on how we were going to be the change, there were tons of kids and families, and I left completely inspired. I didn't do anything with that inspiration besides tweet about a lot more political stuff, but it was a great experience.

I went this year, armed with my Leslie Knope-inspired sign. I was going to go alone but Bre was guilted into going by celebrity twitter so we met up and both agreed that things were... different. The crowd was still big and there was still energy but it was unfocused. We are all still mad but I'm personally in disbelief that this circus goes on daily and there is seemingly nothing that can stop it. The signs were good, and the people watching was great, but the call to action I was looking for, the optimism and faith in humanity I had when I left last year... well, they didn't quite happen. Too many objectives without any focus. But I'm glad I showed up. I think it's still important for 20,000 people to come together, even in an unclear solidarity, and show their kids what democracy looks like. I can tweet all day but actually being there felt like a tangible commitment to caring.

Instagram embedding because I'm lazy...

And then there was Sunday: showing up on a different level. My grandma turned 80. One of my aunts, the oldest in the family, is the default family event coordinator for things like this - she will call everyone and tell them where and when to show up for lunch. But, my cousin just had a baby so she was out of town with her. I kept asking my mom what was going on and we decided to plan a little party. I was trying to think of a good theme (I love themes) and I kept coming back to Facebook. My grandma is always the first person to comment on someone's post, or re-post an "I love my <fill in the blank family member>" gif and she reposts recipes all the time. So I told my mom we should get the rest of the family to help bring her Facebook wall to life by making a recipe she has posted before. My family is super easy to please, so they were all good with the plan.

The party ended up being really cheap and fun! Since emojis are really in right now, that was an easy decor choice. I made a version of these using construction paper (it looked like an 8 year old crafted them, but oh well). I used a dollar store emoji tablecloth as a photo booth background, got some "teacher letters" from the dollar store to make it read "Friend Request Station," and added some emoji props. I got little flags to stick in all of the food that said "<dish> added to your wall by <name>" and used streamers and things I had on hand to decorate the table. You guys, it was SO easy. It took minimal planning, a minimal expense, but it was time spent on someone important to me and she could tell. I was intentional. I thought ahead. I showed up and put in some time.

If you haven't already seen this and you don't swipe to the second pic, you're missing out.

I don't think any of this makes me special, but I want to remember how it made me feel. It was fun to be busy looking for a punch recipe and thinking of party details. It was fun to be in charge of something for my family when I have always been treated as a kid. And it meant something to someone else. Twenty four days into the new year, and so far, being intentional is paying off.


Like, two people have asked me about the Add It To My List link-up. I am going to write a post in that vein on Tuesday and we will likely bring the link-up back in February! I'll post info when we fully commit.


  1. That is such an awesome party theme! Mostly I love that y'all made the recipes that she reposts. Super cute idea. (Didn't even say "like" once! BOOM!)

  2. I LOVE A THEME PARTY - the FB one is awesome (and I love that your Grandma uses it)

  3. I freaking love how you did your grandma's party. Did she like the recipes she reposted?

    Vote. Register people to vote, inform people about voting, get out the vote for candidates you support, donate to candidates you support especially if they are working outside of party lines, vote in the primary, vote in the general. VOTEY VOTE VOTE is the call to action this year.

  4. Focus after the Women's Marches is so important. Last year I jumped in to leadership at a new non-profit (which not everyone can do!) and we focused on voter education, candidate education and community building this past year. It's so important to engage people on the periphery of our communities. It's amazing how many people don't vote because they've been told their voices don't matter.


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