Thursday, January 18, 2018

ten on thursday

Bulleted lists and things I want to share because why not?

1) Houston got a Warby Parker store and I am so excited. I went on Friday night and my glasses are already on the way. I'll be sure to post a pic in my instagram stories. I love that there is one cost, one potential upcharge ($30 for thinner lenses), tax is included, and delivery is free. It was so easy - in and out in 15 minutes.

2) The Women's March is this weekend. I really want to go, but I also have to go bridesmaids' dress shopping for a wedding I'm in. I'm so bummed and still looking for a way to do both, but this city is just so spread out that I'm not sure I can and I am SO disappointed.

3) Slightly related to the above, there is a bachelorette party in Vegas next month and I went to the juniors section to find a dress to wear. What does one wear in Vegas in her 30s? No club (at least, I hope not...) but there will be bars and dinner. And it will be cold. Pinterest is no help - ideas?

4) In case you hadn't heard, it snowed in Houston this week for the third time this season. This was the strongest so far and it actually stuck to the ground! There were two snow days where the city basically shut down, but when you work from home, you don't get that - huge bummer. It was really cold and kind of inconvenient. I always say I wish I got snow, but I definitely see why northerners complain. At least I had a reason to drink coffee, hot tea, and cocoa all in the same day. And, I took my first snowball to the face courtesy of my husband (I ducked into it. I'm fine.)

5) The Fake News Awards listing being hosted on the GOP website, which legitimizes this crazy administration even more. I also saw that nearly every "winner" corrected their story soon after it came out. I mean I totally agree that all sides of the media are rushing to publish ideas that further their agenda and may not be doing the level of fact checking they should, but COME ON. Mistakes that were corrected don't warrant a pretend awards show or the title of fake news.

6) Also, did you see the thread on twitter of Andy Richter asking for photos of men who are 6' 3" and 239 lbs (45's alleged height and weight?). The differences in these guys and him are hilarious... if you can't even tell the truth about something we can all see, what else are you hiding?

7) I've been Yelp Elite for the past two years, something that I often make fun of, but for whatever reason, am no longer elite this year. I feel like I've failed the online reviewing community. This bothers me more than it should.

8) Chamillionaire identifies himself as both a musician and a tech investor and wants to help the family of a man deported after 30 years in the U.S. I think this is wonderful, but am weirdly amused that he still goes by Chamillionaire - but hey, whatever works.

9) Media I've consumed lately: The Post (loved the TV-star-studded cast, story was fine, but not a must-see); The End of the Fxxxing World (on Netflix; British and teenagery with the darkness of Dexter); and This American Life: Our Town, Parts 1 & 2 (you have to listen to these via the website now, but DO IT. Are illegal immigrants really costing us a fortune and taking American jobs? TAL investigates using an Alabama town Jeff Sessions uses as a prime example).

10) My coworker introduced me to HQ Trivia. I had heard about it but wondered if it was legit. You guys, it is, and it's frustrating but fun! Basically, you download the app (use my code laurenm10 if you start to play, please!) and every day at 9pm ET and weekdays at 3pm ET, you log on and play live trivia with people across the country. There are 12 questions and a $2000 pot. Everyone who makes it to the end splits the $2000 and you get money via Paypal. The only info you enter is your name and phone number - I haven't found it invasive so far. It does tend to start late, the host's banter is SUPER cheesy, and sometimes the app lags, but if you have time in the evenings and like trivia, I recommend it!

I didn't think I would get to ten things, and I don't think I'll do this weekly (because I'm aiming low at two posts a week, y'all....) but I like to share things that interest me or are going on. It's fun to get back in the swing of writing again.


  1. haha my friend is so into HQ trivia and wants me to do it but nope; i have a major addictive personality and will never get off if i start!

  2. I have been failing at doing online reviews too, need to step up my game!

  3. I just went to Vegas last month! I mostly mostly oversized sweaters and lots of layers so I didn't have to bring a big coat.

    I always check in to places on Yelp and then forget to write a review unless it was an awful experience, but I kind of want to be Elite so I should probably correct that.

  4. I would seriously wear skinny black pants and a top I like with a big cardigan in Vegas. I can't with being uncomfortable. Also how cold is cold? What's it going to be there?

    LOL. Snow is a PITA especially when it's a small accumulation and you still need to be out living life in it.

  5. Glasses shopping is a major nightmare for me. You know that thing where you say a word too many times and it doesn't make sense any more? I get that with my face. I'm pretty sure my prescription isn't right anymore but I don't want to get retested in case I need new frames! Warby Parker sounds awesome. I hope it comes here.

    I downloaded HQ trivia a month or two ago but have yet to get past question 6... It's hard! Especially if you're not American and you totally crash and burn on the pop culture questions that are probably glaringly obvious to everyone else.

  6. I'd love to do the Women's March in NYC again, but Leo & I are actually seeing Book of Mormon in the city. If we're able to kind of pass through it (it's somewhat in the same vicinity as the show/our hotel) I'll be happy. As for what to wear to Vegas -- it's def hard to dress for stuff like that in your 30s. Can you do a black pants/blouse type thing? I also think jeans can be dressed up (certain kinds of jeans, of course) and worn with like a camisole/blazer and a clutch bag or something.

  7. The idea of attending the marches is overwhelming to me which is why I don't go. But I support and contribute in ways that I can do.

    I'm in the middle of The End of The F*cking World and I like it so much. And I DEFINITELY need to listen to those This American Life episodes. I love, LOVE that stuff.


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