Tuesday, February 27, 2018

add it to my list: february 2018

Add it to my list is back with me and Bre. If you want to link up, you can do it below. This is just a chance to post your monthly favorite things that you are recommending to people in real life.

Anyway, onto my list:

Add it to your podcast list -

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepherd: Dax Shepherd just seems like a cool guy and his podcast is just a conversation with him and one of his famous friends on anything from vacations gone awry to race relations. The first episode is with his wife, Kristen Bell, and as much as I do not want to perpetuate that they are relationship goals, they basically are. And she wanted to stop the interview so she could go to Michael's. I also loved the Jimmy Kimmel episode. The episodes are super long (nearly two hours) but they are really interesting!

Add it to your people to follow list - 

Comments by Celebs: such a good instagram account that screenshots comments celebrities leave on social media accounts, especially those of other celebrities. There is a strong John Mayer influence here and I love it.

Add it to your things to buy list - 

A hairbrush cleaner: I had no idea these even existed. I use dry shampoo, and my brushes get really gross. It's also hard at times to get all of the hair out, and I do get oddly paranoid about how icky it looks on the off chance someone sees my brush. I was at a fancy shop in Brenham, Texas of all places and saw a brush cleaner like this and even though I normally don't buy things like this, I had never seen one before and I didn't google on the spot and it came home with me. I regret nothing. It pulls everything out and is also good for fine-toothed combs.

Annie's Organic Fruit Snacks - one of my friends brought these to Vegas as snacks. I probably haven't had a fruit snack in twenty years but I tried them because they were there and they are so good! They taste fruity, not weirdly sweet. Costco has a 42 pack on sale for like $12 right now which is insane and they are only 70 calories a bag so the giant box will probably only last a month... ish.

This striped, ruffle-sleeved shirt from Walmart: This is a repeat if you follow me on instagram stories, but both Sarah and Kristen bought it after I posted so it's worth sharing again. It looks super unflattering on the hanger but is really cute on and for only $10, worth grabbing if you're near a Walmart anytime soon.

Now it's your turn - link up your list below or let me know something you have loved lately.


  1. I did not know that brush/comb cleaners were a thing. I just added one to my wishlist because my brush gets so so gross.

  2. Just spent far too much time on that comments by celebs account. Good times.

    I'd definitely get that shirt if I lived anywhere near a Walgreens - it looks like the kind of thing you could wear to about 98% of life's occasions.

  3. I love the organic fruit snacks. Makes me feel like a kid again! But unlike when I was a kid, I can't eat the super sweet sugary kid's foods anymore, so these are perfect.

  4. I am not surprised that brush cleaners exist, because obviously they are needed...but nope never thought about buying one. My husband would probably be so grateful (as someone who shaves his head, he finds my copious amounts of hair everywhere super disturbing).

  5. I just subscribed to Dax's podcast yesterday! I haven't listened yet but now I know the Kristen Bell one will be my first! :)

  6. We love the fruit snacks! I wish they came in big bags though, I hate excess packaging.

    Following celebs comment account!

    I like the walmart tee but would have to order because I am never in one. Maybe in March when I'm buying things again!

  7. I don't know that I could listen to a 2 hour podcast episode. Sometimes I stop paying attention after 10 minutes.

  8. I'm not really fond of podcasts in general because I get distracted easily but I do love Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell (and them together, especially in the Toto video), so I'll have to check it out. I thought that hairbrush cleaner was a back scratcher at first, but hey, as long as it works! Following commentsbycelebs!

  9. I'm listening to Slow Burn right now for a Podcast and am super into it - it's about the Watergate Scandal. I also love Lavar Burton Reads as something that's captivating and not about current events or politics.

    Also, maybe buying that Walmart top in two colors..

  10. I might have to check the Wal-mart shirt out. Scott has been buying a shocking amount of clothing there because it's the only store in Laramie. (Luckily it's a very pleasant Wal-mart...hard to come by).

  11. john mayer influence? i'm in. i'm crushing hard after seeing him sing last night ;) i hear you on the brush cleaner - i haven't even thought of that as i rip all the hair out every time i brush my hair but now i may have to consider!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  12. totally bought both of those ruffle tees. glad it's finally online now! i would never have thought i'd be into ruffles, so thank you for sharing. i also had no idea brush cleaners existed. i should probably clean my brush.


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