Tuesday, February 6, 2018

on my mind

I made a goal for myself to write two posts per week for the month of January and only missed my last one last week, so not too bad. I like making writing a habit, and getting outside of my head and forcing myself to really think through what I feel and why. Even if it's as simple as recommending a TV show, isn't it nice to consider the why, at least sometimes?

Between twitter and instagram stories and one-on-one communication, I can never remember who knows what anymore. If you know me in real life, you know I have a tendency to repeat myself (sorry - my memory is just that bad) so for all of my virtual friends, consider any repeats in this post part of the "knowing me in real life" experience.

I'm going to Vegas tomorrow for a bachelorette party. I'm excited to eat at Lotus of Siam (called the best Thai place in the U.S. Andrew and I went over the summer and it was great), see the Michael Jackson ONE Cirque du Soleil, and of course visit my beloved Bellagio Fountains (it's where Andrew and I got engaged). Of course, I'm stressed about what to wear even though my rational side knows that anything goes. I bought this $20 dress on Amazon and thanks to instagram stories, it was determined to be Vegas appropriate. It has thick material, I think I can wear a regular bra with it (paperclipped in the back to be racerback), and it's super flattering.

Andrew and I are celebrating a dozen years together this month! Our first date was February 11th (right?) and we went to a sports bar. The Olympics were on in the background. This year, we are both pretty busy on weekends so we celebrated this past weekend with dinner at Nancy's Hustle. It's a really unassuming restaurant - more hipster than casual - but some of the dishes we have tried are going to make my personal Houston must-have list. The burger is so good, we nearly ordered two - something we never do. It's got the textures and flavors down perfectly. They serve Nancy cakes, which are small, savory pancakes with whipped butter and trout roe. I was weirded out about the trout roe but I decided to just try it and honestly... it was totally fine. We have also gotten the chocolate souffle on both visits and it's perfectly rich yet still tastes like chocolate. I love a good meal in an unfussy place where I can just show up and chat with my husband.

I've been working on feeling better about me, and this has meant using My Fitness Pal and going to the gym. My Fitness Pal hasn't been too bad - I give myself a cheat meal once a week and some grace on the weekends (like, I did not count every tortilla chip I ate during the Super Bowl but I know that a serving size was 12 and I think I stayed in that area). I ate spaghetti squash for the first time and it was really good! The gym is still terrible. My neighborhood has a nice facility I already pay for, so I have been going there and reading on the treadmill. Probably not the best workout, but it has been getting me there. I think next week, I'll try a trial of Aaptiv (anyone tried it?) and if that still doesn't work, look into some class options. But those are expensive and I'm a quitter.

The Super Bowl happened. I didn't care who won this year as long as Andrew's fantasy football team did well since it's for money. The ads were meh, but this NY Giants fan house l-o-v-e-d the Eli/Beckham Dirty Dancing commercial. I was pretty excited for Justin Timberlake's halftime show but thought it was overall underwhelming. Then again, I feel like as a collective, our expectations for what a 15 minute performance should be are pretty sky high and I don't know what would have made it better or I expected to see. That said, I kind of give Justin a pass. However, this popped up in my twitter feed about "why Justin Timberlake is trash" and I gotta say.... a lot of it has print/video to back it up and he kind of seems like a garbage human when you look at all of that together. Now that we see so many men in the media are awful, where do we draw the line? When will we look the other way, and when do we say no more? Do we ever accept the "yeah, but he's changed" argument? How do we accept that we are all different and able to have our own set of values while only supporting things that mostly align with what we hold dear? Who knew Justin Timberlake would cause me this level of self-examination?

And now I need to make the long commute upstairs to get to work. I love working from home.


  1. I feel the same as you towards all things this Superbowl. Congrats on 12 years!

  2. I love when I get a cute dress for cheap.

    The Dirty Dancing commercial was of course my favorite.

  3. That dress is adorable. I have no place to wear it, but I want one.

    I WISH I could commute to the home office to work. Though, we have a snow day, so that's similar in a sad way.

    12 years is something!

  4. Amazon fashion is dangerous - such a cute dress!

  5. Have a blast in Vegas! I'm so jealous of your itinerary.

    Sigh...Super Bowl. I'm conflicted because I really did (do?) LOVE JT. But I get why his behavior over the years is pissing people off, I do. I think he's super talented in so many ways, but some of the negative press is affecting how I feel about him lately; making me think he's a bit tone deaf & smug. Plus, the new album? MEH. I will say, I didn't hate halftime -- I love his old songs and that's pretty much all he did. Was it better than Bruno, Gaga, Beyonce? IMO...no.

  6. Nonfussy restaurants with good food are my favorite!

    I have never been to Vegas as an adult. It's on my list to change that at some point.

    I do not like Justin Timberlake, he annoys me, and his halftime show was awful so I'm not sad to see him being dragged in the media. It's time to stop kissing his ass.


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