Tuesday, March 27, 2018

add it to my list: march 2018

This month flew by for no good reason. I did get to go to Phoenix for a combo work/family visit last week and I have eaten some good food but have otherwise been pretty low-key. However, that doesn't mean I don't have some things to share with you, since sharing things is something I love to do.

Link up with me and Bre below if you are so inclined! Since you got no notice, the link-up is live for a month, so take your time...

Add it to your shopping list:

Ulta Lip Oil: the past few times Ulta has had a free gift with purchase, I haven't been able to help myself - I spend the $20 and feel like I get SO MUCH stuff to try. This month, my favorite thing in the bag was their lip oil. Despite the fact that it is coconut (not a favorite), it is SO hydrating that I can overlook the flavor. I also paid for a tinted one, and for someone like me who doesn't love a lot of color, it's a perfect attempt at trying without feeling made up.

Mrs. Meyer's Cleaner Concentrate: I just like the way Mrs. Meyer's products smell, honestly. I love the option to buy the concentrate as it's more eco-friendly and it takes forever to go through a bottle of it. Sure, you spend $7 up front but I'm not even halfway through the concentrate and I have refilled my spray bottle at least three times.

Add it to your watch list:

Queer Eye on Netflix: Allison and everyone else who said this was great, I'm sorry I doubted you. I watched the original and it was fine, so I thought I could skip the reboot, but when I travel, I like something I can download that Andrew won't want to watch. I thought I would give an episode a try and I was laughing out loud on the plane. The show is light, upbeat, teaches you a few tips to pass to the guys in your life, and just makes you want to be a better, more supportive friend. There are only eight episodes so I am trying to reward myself with them on trips to the gym. I feel like Karamo would approve.

Add it to your dinner list:

Easy Shredded Harissa Chicken: This is the easiest thing ever - a jar of harissa (a Moroccan condiment made from bell peppers) and chicken in the crock pot or instant pot. Take it out, let it cool a little, shred, and eat. It makes two meals for us, so I will have it with couscous, tzatziki, marinated chickpeas, and veggies one night and then on a Greek salad another night. Andrew loves it, and he could take or leave most chicken dishes. I have done the same thing with a jar of salsa and it made perfect enchilada or southwest salad chicken.

Add it to your podcast list:

Order 9066: After reading Dan Rather's book, I realized this was a huge part of American history that I knew embarrassingly little about, so when I heard about this podcast, I had to try it. Our country rounded up citizens, put them in tiny rooms, and barely fed them because they thought they might join sides with Japan in a war. Oh, and there was no evidence pointing to that. If you need a history lesson, check this out.

Tales from the Pits: Okay fine, I'm biased, but my husband and his business partner started a podcast about Texas BBQ and if that is a thing you (or someone in your life) is into, then check it out! They have gone all over Texas interviewing pitmasters, pit makers, and fellow BBQ fans and their research, curiosity, and genuine appreciation is obvious in every episode - it isn't just two fools with microphones. They're also giving out a Yeti cooler starting today so if you're in Texas, listen in and find out how you can win (and I think it will be hand delivered.... so maybe I will make that trip!). If you listen and like, please rate (with stars) and review (with words) - it helps!


  1. I keep meaning to watch Queer Eye and then I forget. It's always on my recommendations in Netflix. Maybe while I'm on the treadmill tonight, two birds with one stone!

  2. I am definitely adding Order 9066 to my list. I don't think I ever even learned about Japanese Interment camps in High School, and at some point in (or shortly after) college I read a memoir about it and was haunted by how we've erased this. I've listen to other podcasts that have episodes about it (99% Invisible has one about a marker where the camp was) but I will absolutely listen to this.

    Have you listened to Ear Hustle? It's coming back with a second season and I'm excited - it's a great podcast!

  3. I used to use Mrs. Meyers exclusively. I still have some, but now I use Method and Thrive. Love Mrs. M's geranium though.

  4. I never watched the original but the Queer Eye reboot had me laughing and crying. I loved it so much that I (accidentally) watched the whole "season" in one day. Jonathan is my fave though, and I'm excited to check out his Funny or Die Gay of Thrones recaps and biweekly podcast. I've been pretty low key this month too, so unfortunately nothing fun to add but definitely planning on checking out that Harissa chicken!

  5. I loved Queer Eye! I binged it one weekend & was sad there wasn't a 2nd season to start.

  6. YES YES YES! Queer Eye. I was reluctant too (I loved the original) and then within the first 25 minutes I fell in love with every single cast member and then bawled my eyes out like a crazy person. I needed that show when I was in a funk and so glad it got renewed for another season.

  7. I really think I need to try Mrs. Meyers - I keep hearing about the products everywhere. That chicken recipe sounds delicious.

  8. Oooh I'll have to be on the lookout for harissa! Sounds easy & different, which are my favorite things for dinner :)

  9. Harissa sounds interesting...I've done the salsa/chicken thing for so long that I could use a different variation.

  10. I just bought some harissa salsa from Aldi last night to try. It's nice to have a different flavor. And my sister has been telling me about that lip oil for a while now. I really need to go get some!

  11. I've been staying away from Queer Eye because I have the old biddy opinion that nothing will touch the first cast. Bah. But everyone is wearing me down...

  12. Dang, missed it again. Looks like I might be in time for the April link up at this rate :) I'm all about new slow cooker recipes, so I'm going to give that harissa one a go. I like all things harissa, although I currently only have harissa spice rather than paste. Hmm. Time to add that to my shopping list.


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