Tuesday, February 26, 2019

add it to my list, first of 2019

Bre wanted to write an add it to my list post on the same day but not do a link-up because one of our many traits in common is apathy to additional work, so here we are. Bre is also the enabler-in-chief so if she suggests I do something or buy something, I probably will. I consider it my implicit trust in her judgement (except for adult cartoons. I have to draw the line somewhere).

Anyway, to refresh your memory, Add It To My List came from the fact that I love telling people what to buy or consume in real life, so with this post, I can take that love onto the internet. So, here are some things I have enjoyed lately, broken down by things that cost nothing (and won't add to physical clutter for all of you who have Kondo'd recently), things that are really cheap (~$5), and things that cost a little more.

Things That Are Free:
Cold (podcast) - I guess I am fortunate to have not lived a hard life and to be able to listen to podcasts about difficult subjects. This one is about Susan Powell, a woman whose husband was suspected of her murder after she disappeared. There are so many weird, messed up details and many of the major people in the story kept diaries, plus there are police tape, so it is really well put-together listening. I'm not fully caught up and a few things drag, but I would recommend it if you like podcasts that focus on one case.

Believed (podcast) - This one is also hard to listen to, but I got sucked in while in my car solo on a four hour drive, so the eps just kept playing. It's about Larry Nassar. Nothing is sugar-coated, but it isn't exploited, either. There is enough info for you to CLEARLY understand that he was a criminal, but his acts aren't the focus; his survivors are.

So You Want to Talk About Race - putting this on the free list since I am all about libraries, but this one is worth your money. If you consider yourself a white ally but still have a hard time in conversations about affirmative action, or why there is no white history month, or other some such nonsense that you KNOW is ridiculous but you can't articulate why when approached with such ignorance, you need to read this book. Even if you know those things, or if you are a person of color, you would probably get something from it. I loved it. If nothing else, follow the author on twitter.

Things That Are Cheap
Homemade Medicine Balls! - Thanks to Leslie, I learned that you can make a Starbucks medicine ball at home. I was sick during the Christmas season and spent a small fortune on these at Starbucks. No idea if they actually work, but they taste good and make a nice work-time treat. For the uninitiated, it's a combo of boiling water and lemonade with peach tranquility tea and jade citrus mint tea, plus a touch of honey. Fifteen tea bags are around $5 and you can get them at Target, so the start-up cost to make these is higher than $5 but they save money in the longrun.

Face mask spatula - Bre told me this existed and I went to buy it that day. If you have facemasks that are in large tubes for multiple uses, these are amazing! It helps you apply the mask evenly, keeps your hands cleaner, and honestly just feels fancier. I got mine at Walmart for like, $2 but this Target one came up first on google.

Things That Are Less Cheap
Buying used - I bought a dresser from Joss & Main or Wayfair or something like that last year. I hated assembling it, and only two of the six drawers work correctly. I got some barstools that needed assembly from Target for Christmas. One of them is a bit wobbly. I realized I don't have this problem when I buy pre-loved furniture from my beloved antique malls. I got a lovely 1940s kitchen cabinet this weekend, no assembly required, plus I love that it was previously-loved and better for the Earth.

Stickers - So in #bujo/planner world, there is this company called The Happy Planner and they put out sticker books that are like, $20 each before coupons. Every few months, there is a new release and "planner girls" (yes, this is a thing) swarm Michael's/Hobby Lobby/JoAnn to get the latest stuff because sometimes, the best books disappear, never to be found again. Instagram FOMO is real. So this release happened and the Instagram flip-throughs were everywhere and there were two stickers books I needed. Picture me, at Hobby Lobby at 10 a.m., digging through boxes of not-yet-out merchandise to find my two books, and then asking my planner friends on facebook if anyone needs anything. While I was waiting for my answer, two more ladies came down the aisle and stopped at the empty pegs where the stickers should have been and seemed disappointed. I pointed them to the boxes to dig through and their morning was made. I never expected to bond with strangers over stickers as a grown woman, but here we are. The point here is if something dumb makes you happy, just get it... (and if you want to see how I use them, @brunchandbujo on instagram).

Carry-on Luggage with spinner wheels - I travel solo pretty frequently and can't expense a checked bag unless it's a long trip (nor do I want to anymore). I have a leather tote I use for my laptop and purse essentials, and then I make my way through the airport with my carry-on. I used to have a cheap one that I thought was fine - my bag could get pulled behind me, no big deal. But, I upgraded once I started traveling for work and being able to keep my bag upright in front of me with my laptop bag on top seems to weirdly simplify everything. I move down the plane aisle better, I can navigate through crowded airports faster, and it just feels easier. I got Andrew and I each a Samsonite at Ross for around $60, which is baggage fees for one round-trip flight, so definitely worth the money if you can pack light!

Houston restaurants that should be on your list: Morningstar (pancake balls!), Indianola (get the ham appetizer, and I don't even like ham), and Theodore Rex (it makes me happy every single trip).

That's my list lately - or at least, things I haven't already shared on instagram.


  1. I try to buy as much wood furniture second hand as I can. It's better all around.

  2. I just ordered a new suitcase, too! My colleague insisted I get a spinner one (my previous, broken, one has 2 wheels only) and I wasn't convinced about the increase in price/decrease in space that 4 wheelers give, but she convinced me and I'm glad you agree. I'll let you know how I feel once mine arrives!

  3. Don't get me started on THP sticker books. I am impatiently waiting for my stores to get something.... anything. I don't want all of them but I know how the rush is, unfortunately. And these re-sellers... U G H!!! My planner IG is @sticker_talk


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