Tuesday, June 18, 2019

thinking lately

A lot of things have just been rolling around in my head lately.

The best decisions are last minute decisions. Twice in 2019, I have waited until the last minute to buy concert tickets. First was for The Avett Brothers, who I have already seen... twice, at least? And we are seeing them again in Denver next month. But anyway, I started to have FOMO the day of their concert so I got on StubHub and got last minute e-tickets for less than face value. We were in the absolute last row, but it was a small venue, I got a seat, and the poster was an astronaut riding an armadillo so all was good. I mentioned to a friend that we should go to Dave Matthews Band together because Andrew didn't want to go and she and I went a few years ago. I was really loose with the tickets because I wanted a deal. And I have seen Dave quite a few times and didn't need to go again, but it's always a good time. So anyway, this too waited until the day of the show. I said if I didn't get tickets by 5pm, we just wouldn't go. StubHub tickets weren't getting cheaper, so I checked Ticketmaster and for some reason, some seats were marked down to the same cost as lawn seats. I had no idea this was a thing but I guess since the show wasn't sold out, it became one. So at 4:45 I got tickets, we went to the show, and had a great time. I think this is my thing now.

Thrifting. It really is a thing I like to do. For a while, I did it a lot and sold things on Poshmark, but I feel like that site is oversaturated with the brands I find (J. Crew, Banana Republic, Loft) so I guess now I can focus on me. Do I NEED clothes? No. But if it's $1.50 then yes. It also makes me feel better about consumption. I see so many people posting about Amazon and Walmart fashion lately and while I will never fully rid myself of cheap consumer goods, the prices on those things HAVE to mean that they are being made via the suffering of someone else. So, I guess the compromise that will work for me is to fill my closet with thrifted things and only buy new if I fall in love with something, or if it's something more challenging to thrift, like jeans.

TV. So much TV.  Lately I have watched:
- Brene Brown's A Call to Courage (Netflix). Watch it. Go. Change your thinking.
- The Society (Netflix). Modern teenager Lord of the Flies. Passed the time okay and intriguing enough to keep me going, but not a must-see.
- Dead To Me (Netflix). I liked this but I didn't love it. I liked the characters and would like to see them in a different setting.
- Sneaky Pete Season Three (Amazon). Kind of bummed they cancelled this one. Everything was pretty well resolved, but I think a few things would have changed had they known it was the last season.
- Killing Eve (S2). I think I liked it better than the first.

Spiked Seltzer. It is so refreshing. Some of it tastes beery, but some doesn't. I think it will be really easy to go overboard on, so I try to drink it in moderation.

I am now in the Hamilton cult. Saw it and loved it. Totally didn't get it from just hearing the music. If you think you might like it and you have the means to see it, GO. If not, I will respect that. If you are also a cult member, please send me all the most interesting things you have seen about the show or its music. I have about five years of fandom to catch up on.

We're going to Denver in a few weeks. Any recs? We're going to a concert and to see the Astros in town playing the Rockies but things to do downtown during the day would be great...