Monday, November 11, 2019

a fall weekend

I wanted to write a good, old fashioned, weekend recap because sometimes, it's nice to have a slice of life to look back on.

On Friday, Andrew and I were both super hungry really early so I put on real clothes and felt cute and we went to have dinner at Candente, a Mexican restaurant run by a BBQ place. We sat at the bar because Happy Hour and had good margaritas and really, really good meat. Like, the fajita steak was fantastic. Then we came home and watched The Boys which I will probably say more about in a Currently post...

One of my friends loves birthdays - yours and hers - so she insisted we get together and do a thing for my birthday. I chose breakfast, so we had mimosas and food and caught up and then decided to go to the TJ Maxx in the parking lot. I have to go to NYC for work this week. Last time I was there in cold weather (February), it snowed and my very cute Loft booties were NOT up to the task of keeping me safe and warm on icy sidewalks. I had been looking for some affordable boots with traction and warmth. I was busy admiring some $50 Lucky leather booties that I DID NOT need (and I left behind!) when my friend showed me some Duck boots and I was like oh, those are cute... but they were a half size to a size smaller than my regular size and my friend said "They are J. Crew and $20, you are gonna shove your foot in!" Luckily no shoving was required and they fit and they were a total steal since the same boots in a new pattern are $200. I love that they aren't TOO much for Houston weather - I could wear them on a cold, wet day and not look too out of place.

I made a quick trip to a favorite thrift store on my way home (I got a $4 leather purse which you can see on my IG stories) and then Andrew and I both napped and then went to Target to look at Christmas decor and grabbed some groceries and then we finished The Boys.

Sunday, Bauer woke me up early and then I went back to bed until Andrew came home with warm donuts and kolaches. I did a few things around the house and then went back to Target for things I needed for our houseguest this week/to look at clearance and then to try to take advantage of really good sales at Kohl's and Michael's. I found garland I had been looking for on super sale, called that a win, and was tired of shopping. I went for a walk since the weather was amazing and then went to my favorite yoga class. Came home and had caramelized onion soup with bacon and blue cheese that Andrew made and it was wonderful. Then did more house stuff, got my bujo set up for the week, and started thinking about packing for my trip. I leave Tuesday, Andrew's friend arrives to stay with us on Thursday, I get home late Thursday night, and they are in and out doing BBQ things all next weekend, so we are ships passing this week. That's just the way it goes sometimes.


  1. Carmelized onion soup with bacon and blue cheese, yes .... going to need THAT recipe!

  2. I love weekend posts as you know. Super score on the boots, always good to have a waterproof shoe!


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