Friday, November 22, 2019

at present

How did I used to write five blog posts per week? Inspiration is tough and I get caught in trap A, of "have I already shared enough of that on Instagram?" or trap B, "who cares?" I was ready to be amazing this week, but I won the Dear Evan Hansen ticket lottery for Tuesday, needed to go to the gym Wednesday night, and then took Bauer to the vet and went to the gym again Thursday. No excuse, really, but going to the show messed with my plans.

I do like to steal from my friends' ideas so Bre's At Present is today's inspiration. We both have October birthdays but are different signs which if you know us, makes perfect sense. I'm not super into astrology, but trust me here.

So I turned 35 last month. It feels bigger than 34 since I am now firmly mid-30s and as close to my 20s as to my 40s. I also try to stop myself and think that aging is a privilege many don't get so while I am thinking about wrinkles and retirement savings, I do understand that I am fortunate to be able to do so. For some reason, it's a little easier when your spouse is a solid 3.5 years older than you are. I mean, I don't look at him and think he is old, which must mean I'm not old.

At Present, goals are working for me and motivating me to go to the gym and write blog posts and that's something.

At Present, I think more about what I need, what I can say no to, and think more on the Why of things. Why do I feel this way, how come I think I need to do that, what would make me feel better in this moment?

At Present, I strongly believe in the power of medication and therapy, and therapy check-ins, even if you think things are all good.

At Present, I live in athleisure. Bless whoever made it a thing. If I have to get out of sweatpants, leggings, and cozy, oversized sweaters to do a thing...I may not do it.

At Present, I want to push myself just a little. I joined a volunteer group with strangers and it isn't that bad. I may want to foster a dog in the new year. Maybe I'll set a fitness goal? Probably not, but I'll at least keep watching Veronica Mars on the treadmill.

At Present, I still love the idea of my bullet journal but rarely use it like I should.

At Present, I think working from home is the greatest but also wonder what career opportunities are out there and what it would take to make me commute, wear real clothes, and interact with humans again.

At Present, I am listening to the new Coldplay and wondering when they will tour again as they are one of the few bands still on my must-see live concert list.

Looking forward, I hope 35 is a year of appreciating what I have, trying new things, keeping up with things that serve me, more books, and a renewed ability in expressing myself clearly and in a way that I feel is interesting.


  1. It's good to take stock of where you are in life, and great to have a blog as a place to keep it and look back on.

    I love athleisure. I am so glad it's a thing.

  2. I live in athleisure too. It is what it is!
    Therapy is so important. I don't think people realize how valuable it is to have someone impartial to talk to.

  3. How was the play?!
    Me and Kim ended up with an all day date on Saturday and discussed that Coldplay was still a thing. I'm surprised?? Cause I don't listen past Viva La Vida. But I'm intrigued and will have to listen to the new album.


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