Monday, November 4, 2019

between now and 2020...

I want to...

- learn how to french braid my own hair
- practice handlettering at least once per week
- go to the gym 19 times (10x per month and I already went once in November)
- Post a blog post each weekday in November, even if it's a quick one, for NaBloPoMo2019
- figure out how to apply eyeliner
- reduce social media scrolling. My friend Michelle has been analyzing her own use here and after seeing her post, I set a limit on my own social time to an hour and 20 minutes per day. Let's not discuss where it was...
- do more things with my newfound free time, like the items on this list, or just keeping a neater house
- write down daily gratitude (thanks Bre for the push)
- do a facemask once a week
- close the rings on my Apple watch more days than not. Still trying to find a "happy place"with those, so send ideas if you've got them on how you set goals that are a stretch but possible.

Blogging isn't counting as social media and I am trying really hard not to cheat and scroll my regular sites on a computer or my kindle. When I hear people don't use instagram or twitter, I always ask what they do with their time. I guess I am going to try to find out.

And posting five times per week... who am I and what is this? What do you miss reading about in blogs? I don't even know if I can answer that for myself...


  1. hmm. i am new to the apple watch but i have yet to find a balance with my goals - i only meet them if i exercise, which is fine and all, but i kind of want goals i have a chance of meeting on all days. i don't really use twitter, but i do scroll on instagram, just not a lot. i still spend time on my phone though, reading or playing candy crush lol. i love a good facemask, what's your favourite?

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  3. 1. Thanks for the shoutout!
    2. NaBloPoMo2019 sounds dope. I'm ~5 days late but I will somehow make this my own!


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