Wednesday, November 13, 2019


I still keep a bullet journal, and I try to keep quick notes of what I am reading/watching/listening to. Here are some highlights in the latter two categories since I talked about books yesterday.


Schitt's Creek: Everything you have heard is true. I watched the first ep on a flight a long time ago and didn't love it so I gave up. Andrew suggested it, so I tried it again and wondered what was wrong with me. It is hilarious. The first season is a little uneven but then the second starts and you fall in love with each character. It's funny and never cliche and memorable. I heard Simply the Best in a store the other day and grinned like an idiot. I suggest it to everyone.

The Boys: Bre told me the premise of this show and I thought it sounded interesting even though I don't speak superhero. But it is its own superhero world and in this world, everyone knows about superheroes and they are highly marketed and tightly controlled. There is corruption and nothing is what it seems like. It's only eight episodes and it's on Amazon Prime. It's dark, sometimes funny, and consistently entertaining. The finale made me ask so many questions and I need season two...

Conan in Ghana: If you haven't watched any of the Conan [O'Brien] Without Borders specials, you need to do that. I love Conan and all of the specials are so good. He is so kind and inquisitive about different cultures and always makes himself the butt of the jokes or makes sure the people are in on whatever he is laughing at. Countries are always painted in a good light, but if there is a serious issue to address - like confronting the slave trade in Ghana - he doesn't avoid it. The Ghana ep came out last week and was really good. A lot of the older ones are on Netflix.

Listening To:

Office Ladies: You've likely heard of this podcast. It's hosted by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey who are real life BFFs and were also on The Office. I was a regular OfficeTally reader back in the day and I watched a lot of DVD extras so I know a lot of what they share, but not all of it. The podcast is... fine. I don't feel like the hosts are comfortable with the format. They repeat one another a lot, are trying to find a schtick, and talk over each other and their guests. I feel like it could get good but so far, it's just... fine.

EW's Binge (the Schitt's Creek season): Apparently the hosts of this podcast binge a thing and then talk about it. They did five episodes on Schitt's Creek (one for each season that has aired so far) that are fun to listen to if you watched the show. I laughed at some of the tidbits shared and when they reminded me of funny things, like Moira and David trying to cook enchiladas. Highly recommend if you like the show.

Amazon Prime Music: I was shamed by my friends for still having Pandora and I admit, some of my stations are a bit repetitive. I use Spotify on my work computer but never on mobile because I only have the free version and I don't even know if I can. So I listen to a lot of Prime Music. I mean they have all the Avett Brothers music and Lover by Taylor Swift and pretty much all the John Mayer I need. I'd love to find some better mixes or different artists on there, but hey, when I know exactly what I want to hear, especially if I am close enough to tell my Echo to play it, it's pretty perfect. Any suggestions on what to listen to or how to make it better, though?

Also on the list: Succession, The Good Place (though I am a bit behind!), Mr. Mercedes, Slow Burn Season 3 (about Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.), and still making my way through Veronica Mars...


  1. I agree that I will listen to Office Ladies but they can be a bit much. All I hear is Pam, the character, and then Angela, soooo unlike her character. It's weird.
    We started The Boys and it was just weird? I don't do fantasy/superhero/sci-fi very often. I need something to seem realistic for me to buy into it. Scott might've finished it, though.


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