Friday, November 15, 2019


Well, I thought I scheduled a post for yesterday (Thursday) but apparently I had an idea for it and never wrote it, so I kind of failed on my goal. But! I shouldn't let that impact trying to post something for the remaining days.

I was in NYC for work like I mentioned and I think I have said it before, but I do not <heart> NY. Maybe it's because my office is in the financial district and there isn't much to do, or maybe it's because I have never visited on my own and with the means to fully enjoy myself. It could be a lot of reasons. But, the travel time, work time spent in a conference room having lots of conversations, team "fun," and the general disruption to my schedule has me extra crabby upon coming home. Especially because every minor annoyance that could happen to me on my way home happened. Like, none of it was major but it was all the things. I'm tired and in a funk and already warned my poor husband that the likelihood of me joining him and his friends for dinner tonight is slim to none. I think being "on" the past three days has me wanting to curl up on my couch even more than normal.

Some good things from the week:
1) No one in the middle seat on a long flight
2) Cold weather
3) Cheez Whiz fries. We were at a dive bar that prided itself on its Philly Cheesesteaks and my boss felt about those the same way I feel about the Texas Brisket tacos served with 1000 Island Dressing I saw on another menu, so someone ordered fries instead. I never eat Cheez Whiz so this was a weird treat and for whatever reason, hit the spot. And of course I couldn't stop thinking "Whatever, I'm getting cheese fries."
4) I asked one of my friends for a bluetooth shower speaker for my birthday and she got me this one and it's awesome. Since losing our dog, my podcast time has decreased since I did so much listening while walking him, so this gives me another way to listen. Or just listen to music. It is super unnecessary but I really like it.

Surely there are more but I'm hungry and that is all I can think about. More gratitude to come next week, I'm sure.


  1. So I put my phone in a stoneware/ceramic cereal bowl on the bathroom counter when I'm in the shower. the acoustics of the bowl make it louder and I can easily hear my podcast/audiobook then.
    I saw that hack in Buzzfeed or something once.

  2. I am HERE for super unnecessary and still awesome.

  3. Yup, I had my fun in NYC but I am totally over it now!

    1. I have no idea how you went to college there and then moved back! East coast life is not for me... at least, not that part of the east coast.


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