Tuesday, November 5, 2019

things that are worth buying

I don't want to be all about consumption, but there are things in life that you have to buy, so if I can share what has made my life easier or better in some way, I feel like I should. I'm trying to be conscious of my consumption, both in terms of having too much STUFF and in terms of environmental impact, but there are always things I think I want or need so I want to share them.

Reusable Make-Up Remover Pads - I used to use cotton with my micellar water but after seeing people talk about these resuable rounds, I decided to get some. These are larger than cotton rounds, SUPER soft on one side (and like a washcloth on the other), and come with a zippered bag to wash them in. I have a little canister on my bathroom cabinet to hold them and then I wash them with towels. They do stain from mascara but I know they're clean so <shrug>. But, they can't be used with dryer sheets, sooo...

Wool Dryer Balls - Honestly, I was mostly tired of finding dryer sheets EVERYWHERE. Tossed on my nightstand or the coffee table when I was folding laundry, somehow on the floor in the closet, stuck to blankets... so I kind of wanted them and then I ordered the make-up remover pads and NEEDED them and now I'm glad I have them. I add a few drops of essential oil to them if I want sheets to smell good and I don't really notice a difference between using these and dryer sheets.

Charisma Plush Blanket (from Costco) - It was time for a new mattress and we went from a Queen to a King. Of course we had to buy everything new and that included a new cozy blanket for winter months. This one was $12.99 at Costco (now on clearance for $11.97) and it is THE softest thing. Seriously, Bauer is obsessed with it - he will lay on our bed ALL DAY when it is on - and we love it too. You can't beat the price. It is a little fuzzy, but I don't mind. I also found it maintains its softness best when I dry it on low.

Scunci Ponytail Holders - I LOVE these. I bought a pack a year ago and then gifted them to friends who loved them, too. I did break a few, and they do stretch, so I just bought a second back. But, I think a year's worth of use out of a $4 pack of ponytail holders when I wear my hair up nearly daily is a great deal. These hold tightly, come out easily when you want them to, and don't crease.

An Unstuffy Laptop bag (good for a man or woman!) - Last Christmas, I challenged myself with finding a bag for Andrew's podcast stuff that was durable, not a backpack, not a briefcase, and not a full-on messenger bag with a flap. He didn't ask for one, per se, but I knew he would use it. I got him this one and he really likes it. It looks nice and professional enough if it needs to be, but isn't weird to bring into a BBQ place. And it has a ton of pockets and fits a lot of stuff. Thought I would share this one since men are hard to shop for - maybe it will help you.

More to come... surely I have bought more things that I want to share...

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