Monday, November 18, 2019

wrong to right

I think there is something to be said for knowing that something is "wrong" with you and also knowing how to fix it.

After a not-so-wonderful work trip last week and a plane ride back in which every tiny annoyance that could have happened actually happened, I was in A MOOD Friday. I had a doctor's appointment that morning that I was actually looking forward to - I was going to use half a sick day and ease myself back into things. But, as I was about to leave, the office called me and said the doctor was sick. So, I needed to work a full day.

So I worked on things that made me the least crabby. It didn't help. I was supposed to go to dinner with Andrew and his friend who was in town visiting that night and realized around 3ish that I didn't have it in me to listen to guys talk about BBQ and be "on" anymore. It just sounded exhausting. I bowed out, took a nap, watched some TV, went to the gym, and ate mac and cheese for dinner. And then some frozen custard. It was super simple but just what I NEEDED.

The next day, I pretty much felt like myself! I spent the morning being pretty lazy and listing things on Poshmark and then I met Sarah for three hours at Dirt Cheap. Dirt Cheap is a store in the south that gets a ton of Target merchandise - clearance, returns, damaged boxes, etc. - and sells it for, well, dirt cheap. It's like a garage sale or thrift store of new stuff. You have to dig. We did, and had good finds (I always post my shopping finds on IG stories if that is your thing). And then we grabbed dinner. Sarah is just such a positive person, and last week when I knew my week sucked but that we were going to hang out on Saturday, I texted her that I was looking forward to seeing her. Like, I knew she was the kind of person whose energy I needed which sounds kind of hokey but some people help you feel your most snarky and some people make you feel your happiest and she is definitely the latter. Which is ironic because she gave me a sweater that says "Don't" on it inspired by David on Schitt's Creek. It is SO soft and I wore it to buy a bottle of wine that night and I feel like people stayed out of my way.

On Sunday, between Bauer and Andrew forgetting his wallet and coming back home thirty minutes after leaving, I was up at 7:30 and decided to do things! This never happens. I spent about an hour in a brand new HEB, dropped off a meal at my friend's house who just had a baby, did some straightening in the house, and then ventured to the mall right at noon (when it opens on Sundays in Texas) to buy two get two free on Bath and Body Works candles and do some Christmas shopping. I can't believe there is only one more weekend before malls get fully unbearable and all shopping has to be done online. I went to my regular 4pm yoga class and almost lost it on two women who wanted to have a whispered conversation and all the people who come in late - especially 15 minutes after it starts. Who does that? This is a very quiet, chill class so people setting up is so distracting. Peak first world problems, for sure, but it happens every week. I came home and made roasted veggie grain bowls (a recipe I pinned after Kristen talked about it forever ago) for lunches this week and set up my bujo and talked to Andrew and his friend about their day.

Since I love when Steph does this, breakfasts for the week are Veggies Made Great apple cinnamon muffins, Kind bars, oatmeal, or a smoothie. Lunches are the aforementioned grain bowls, Thai salad, or leftovers. Andrew and his friend ate a lot of BBQ and bought/were given more than they could eat (including a ton of osso bucco?!?) so dinners are osso bucco with green beans and couscous, chili with leftover brisket, veggie quesadillas, and my attempt at chicken tikka masala in the crockpot with rice and peas (I just bought some sauce and I'm gonna throw it in with the chicken and then put some peas in at the end to defrost - not sure how this will work but seems easy?).

I am 99% sure I am going to add Monday and Tuesday to my time off request for next week so that means a week of work and then a week off and Christmas craziness is upon us. Let's go.


  1. That sounds like a delightful weekend! And knowing when to bow out is important, I think. I've done it a lot because you only have so much energy (especially when I was teaching...I couldn't handle weeknights out).

  2. I love to see what people are eating!

    It does not sound hokey to me at all to choose the energy you want or need to be around - be it no one else's energy like declining plans or someone else you know will balance and nourish you in that moment.


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