Wednesday, December 4, 2019

political thoughts

I feel like five people read my blog but twitter is owned by bots and trolls so this feels like a safer space to say all the political things I want to tweet.

- George Zimmerman needs to take a seat.

- Mayor Pete, also, please stop. I am very sad about Kamala Harris. I hadn't looked into her TOO much (I haven't looked into anyone too much, the pool is too deep) but I much prefer her to Ben Wyatt.

- How is 45 still in office and is this hellscape presidency over yet? I heard family members supporting him over the holiday and really all they could say is he has done good things for their retirement accounts. I wanted to "OK Boomer" them but I may be too old for that?

- I didn't understand a single word of the impeachment hearings. I need a version of The Skimm that tries less hard. Does this exist?

- RBG, please make it at least til January 2021. AT LEAST. I know that date assumes a lot of things that are up in the air but it seems like an optimistic and realistic ask.

- NBC seems to have a huge HR problem among its ranks (see: Gabrielle Union, Matt Lauer, Ronan Farrow's entire book). You're a huge company. You can hire top talent to manage your "top talent" (in quotes because I watch none of their shows and am 100% an ABC watcher). Be better.

- I recently and with a bit of skepticism read Sisters First by Jenna and Barbara Bush. I wanted nonfiction that wasn't full of sadness but I was ready to DNF if it didn't grab my attention. I honestly, truly enjoyed it which I do feel conflicted about in some ways. But, they told really good stories and highlighted that they are not the same as their family members and they can love someone while disagreeing with them, even when what that person wants impacts the WHOLE country. It was very humanizing on what it must be like to play this weird part in history when you had no say in it at all (they even told their dad NOT to run!)

Surely I have more thoughts, but this works for now. I did terribly on blogging every weekday in November but hey, I think I posted more that  month than the rest of 2019 combined so I'll call it a win!


  1. I've (loosely) decided to continue blogging weekdays in December. It's important for me to have an outlet because SAHM and all. It gives me something to do that's for me? Even if I don't make a cent from it :)

    Politically-speaking, I've never actually been a Trump fan. I have become more conservative in my beliefs over time though. I read/listen to impeachment updates every week or so (it's too much!) and I think the reason no one understands is because there's not much to understand? Like, if it realllllly mattered, he'd already be gone.
    That's my very unpopular opinion in the internet world though.

    *Personally*, I think ABC needs to go down first for covering up the Epstein scandal. I don't actually watch any news anymore and just read smaller news outlets online.

  2. Hi Lauren! I'm a lurker, I follow you @brunchandbujo on IG. I agree with most of your takes. I don't think you're too old to "Ok Boomer" your family, but honestly I only do it in my head to mine. I have no idea how MAGA is still appealing, but it was never to me in the first place. I have enjoyed you blogging more regularly! I appreciate your effort. :)

  3. Amen, to the amen, to the AMEN, esp. about RBG b/c please sweet heavens STAY HEALTHY.

  4. I count myself lucky that no family are MAGA supporters. I don't think I could handle talking to them on a regular basis if they were. Or they would get really tired of hearing from me.

    When I read what George Zimmerman was doing I just wanted to yell through the phone.

    The impeachment hearings are very confusing. I remember listening to the Clinton ones years ago and thinking the same thing. I had hoped being older would help, but no.

    You are definitely not too old to Ok Boomer either. It's funny because everyone says you get more conservative as you get older. But, I have definitely moved far left from that the older I've gotten.

  5. +1 on most of these, except the impeachment hearings. I get them. And this stuff does really matter. If republicans had balls he would've been gone a long time ago for violating the emoluments clause alone

  6. I think I get you to SIX readers with this late comment.
    Just, all of them. Except impeachment. I immerse myself in the Washington Post online and that helps tremendously. Of course, it means my blood pressure is consistently elevated due to rage.

    I had the exact same thought about RBG this morning -new story about how McConnell-the-enabler and what's-his-face at 1600 have stacked the Federal judiciary. Cue more rage...

    (Given all of my raginess, you'll probably block me now... but I hope not?)

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