Tuesday, January 14, 2020

first books of 2020

Last year, I documented all my books on Instagram, and while I liked that, my effort to keep it short meant that I didn't fully capture my thoughts, though I did like doing it as a method of sharing. And since not everyone can add a swipe-up (a swipe-up to goodreads would be super handy!), I wondered if sharing a book in that way even made sense. Bre is keeping a paper book journal and that also sounds like a thing I would like but I haven't made time for it yet. So, that said, I have a few minutes on a call to write some book thoughts so I don't totally forget what I have read this month, so far.

The Chelsea Girls - I started this in December and pushed through it for whatever reason. I think by the time I realized I didn't care about it much, I had invested too much time. There was one aspect that I was really interested in, but for whatever reason, it felt like the characters were always at arm's length and I just never got into it. Two stars.

Things You Save in a Fire - Brene Brown recommended this in her old newsletter and the author has Texas connections so I added it to my list. If you like TJR, you may like Katherine Center. Both of her books I've read have a woman dealing with a major life event and seeming fairly human through it all. By human, I mean that I don't think a ton is romanticized and there is an element of realness to their actions, thoughts, and problems. I liked this, despite being over the trope of closed-off female character whose life would be easier if she just talked to someone, so I added another of the author's books to my hold list at the library right away. Four stars.

Before We Were Strangers - This cover was really appealing and I've read some YA books that the author had written, so I was interested in a more adult story. This book went back and forth between the character's present selves (mid-30s) and college selves which worked for the story. It still had a bit of YA-perfect man syndrome (you know what I mean? Where the male love interest is so dreamy and the only one who really SEES her...) and was highly improbable in my opinion, but it did keep me interested. Three stars.

How to Walk Away - My second Katherine Center book. Her books are easy romances but when the mood strikes and the library delivers, I go for it. There was a lot of conflict in this book (at least one plotline that I maybe could have lived without), but I always love when a book that has a solid epilogue that tells you fairly far into the future. Four more stars.

I'm currently reading the biography of Mr. Rogers since I loved the doc about his life, but it is s-u-p-e-r slow and keeps putting me to sleep, so it may become a DNF. How do you log your reading? Is that important to you? I rarely, if ever, remember a book beyond a few weeks, so I need a little something to jog my memory.

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  1. i'm glad you liked things you save in a fire, and i love the way you described her books. my favourite of hers is happiness for beginners.

  2. I like Katherine Center! I think How to Walk Away is a fave, but I also enjoyed Fire. My best friend is a female firefighter and ALSO a closed off PITA, so I totally bought into the over-the-top-ness! Haha.

  3. How To Walk Away is one of my all time faves.

  4. I've totally thought about keeping a "book journal," but it seems superfluous in my life. I prefer tracking my books digitally, that way I don't forget any, and don't have to write a review immediately after reading, which isn't always possible since sometimes I have too many thoughts! How To Walk Away was a favorite of mine when I read it . I'm hoping to read Before We Were Strangers soon!

  5. Also over that trope but enjoyed it nonetheless.

  6. Which Mr. Rogers bio are you reading? I read one last year that DRAGGED but it was interesting enough at times that I finished it.

    I log my reading in Goodreads and on my SUYB posts. I have a terrible memory but for some reason I can remember book plots (never character names), song lyrics, and movie quotes.

  7. I track on Goodreads and blog posts. I'm doing an actual IG post for each book this year though so I can *better* see at a glance. Sometimes I have to dig back through Stories to see what I read.

  8. I really want to read How to Walk Away. I've never read any of Katherine Center's books.

  9. The Katherine Center books both sound good. I should add one to my list. Thanks for sharing!


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