About Me

I'm Lauren. I live in Houston with my husband, Andrew.

We got married in June 2010 and planning our wedding prepared me for working as an event planner for a law school.

We have a dog (Duncan) and a cat (Bauer). No kids. People always wonder what we do with all of our free time, so I decided to start a blog to document that. I have found that blogging is awesome for meeting other people, and the interaction is what keeps me doing it.

A few things to know about me:

I love to talk about food and TV. 
I recently rediscovered my childhood love of reading.
I say what I feel without thinking it through more often than I would like to admit.
I use parenthesis more often than the average person (sorry) (see? It's a sickness!)
Like most cat people, I take an unhealthy number of photos of my cat.
I have no eye for design so I need the internet to help me keep it together.
My husband went to culinary school but doesn't work in that industry, so that explains why I talk about food so much. It's our hobby.

These are some of my favorite posts:


  1. I love talking about TV too, one of my favorite hobbies (a little sad) and parenthesis?!...I usually have to remove a few before I publish anything...ha ha. New follower via GFC

  2. My boyfriend and I met online, and one of the things that I loved about him was his overuse of parenthetical thoughts (I find it adorable, and still do). Just saying, you rock.

    Lovely to meet you, Lauren!

  3. I definitely use parentheses (and exclamation points) way too much!! and I take way too many pics of my dogs! :-)

  4. Cutest "about" page! YES to talking about food and tv, and using lots of parenthesis! :-)

  5. Ha! Like you, I use (these suckers) way too much but hey.. I don't have a problem with it. If my readers/followers knew me in person, they would agree that I type pretty much like I speak. And I love to talk about food but since I started a new job, it seems like I don't talk about it as much. What's happening to me?!? LOL
    If I made new years resolutions, one of them would have been to think more before I speak or talk about my feelings. And hey-- taking too many photos of your cat is ok but it you are leaving your dog out, that is not! (I suffer from taking too many fur baby photos of my pup Levi and I refuse to apologize)

  6. Hey! So nice to meet you! I am so happy I found your blog!! I am now following and I can't wait to read more and get to know you better!!


  7. hey my name is lauren too! new follower here!

  8. hey my name is lauren too! new follower here!


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